Fittings & Ship service for newbies

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So I've crossed the threshhold where I'm invested in EVE, and thinking what I can do to both A) not be too demanding on my time and B) be consistently fun for me.

My industrial main (I'm dual-character, but if it's actively training, it's a main, right? ;) is just about at the point where he's churning out frigates, ammo, and fittings. Disposable things useful to anyone with under 3M SP and getting through their Level 1s, mining-happy-fun-times, and Sisters of Eve.

Rather than become a market baron I'm more interested in my usual MMO role of Quartermaster, having a highsec ship service for Giant Bombers. I have seen others in giantbombing chat offer these kinds of freebies or toss some ISK when people ask, but generally once you join Kite Co. or another solid corp and move to that home base, you're good.

This would be to help out before that point, or those who have out-of-Kite (OOK) toons in highsec (like me). As long as you're a site member, fits would be free on request via private contract, with retroactive donations welcome at any point in the future when affordable.

If you're brand new, losing a 500k-1M ship is nothing to sneeze at. And let's face it, fitting ships can be pretty tiresome if you can only afford to buy 1 of everything. I was there not long ago! I could offer a selection of 6-10 different fittings of frigates and ventures, depending on skill preference, and in time maybe get up to destroyers.. but I rarely fly those myself anymore.

I don't want to get too deep before I figure if there's actually a demand for it. But I am a hell of a trader and bargain hunter at this point, and it's easily the most fun I can have while not cloaked. ;)

If you have any thoughts as a new or potential player, or just "sure!" that's great. If you have any ideas for a catchy name better than, say: "Inside Leg Fittings" toss that out too.

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@mr_creeper: cheers! lol. If you don't already have an official title in Kiteco, you certainly deserve more than a defacto one for all your forum time. :)

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@brackynews: Thanks for the vote of confidence, bro, but I never really say anything of any use. I will petition for a 'King of Blunk' title, though.

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