Giant Bomb EVE Corp and Community - New duders welcome!

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When I search for the corp name, it finds Kite Co. but then doesn't show me the advert so I can apply. Any help? I'm new (obviously) and my name is Emma Eloheim on there if that helps.

#202 Posted by LoginRejected (48 posts) -

Application in, looking forward to participating

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@oneangryzeus: yeah I had an issue with that as well. If you search for Kite it shows up but you have to right click and do info on it I think before you can send an application. thats how it worked for me anyways.

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@oneangryzeus: If you still haven't gotten it to work, just join the "giantbombing" channel ingame and someone will help you out, there is almost always someone on there nowadays.

@dutfish: Just log on and state your problem in the corp or giantbombing channel and someone will help you out, you don't need to leave the corp to get back to doing fun stuff with us.

@guanophobic: You're always welcome to suggest fleeting up to do stuff with other EU duders, norwegian duder here who would gladly do shit with you.

For anyone else that might be reading this and you are even remotely interested in trying out EVE and chating with some fellow duders while watching spaceships blow up, there has never been a better time than now as the GB corp is nearing a hundred members.

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Really nice to see that there's a huge community here, the chat seems to be always full of cool people, even if you all are a bunch of filthy freedom fighters.

Name in game is Dalen Skyard, I'm the Amarrian FW dude who's been showing up. Fair warning to new players- don't put intel in that channel. While I doubt we'd ever cross paths, it's still a good idea to keep that stuff in corp chat. Also, if I see you, I will shoot you. To do otherwise would be ungentlemanly :)

#206 Posted by Syndrom (370 posts) -

I signed up for a new trial (21 days) and joined the chat channel. Robin Libere is my char name, just logged in before the maintenance window though. Set up skill training queue. Haven't done a application yet.

Do you guys have a problem with a more casual player? During the weekddays i can't play that much but in the weekends i'll be on more!

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@syndrom: Your play amount shouldn't be an issue as long as you are somewhat active. So far fleets and corp groups are more of an 'opt-in if you're interested' type of thing.

#209 Posted by Grixxel (773 posts) -

I got EVE when it first released and never made it past the tutorial. All these years later, and extensive rehab from the damage done, I'm ready to try a second time. See you there!

#210 Posted by Firefly (25 posts) -

Yo Duders! Had a nice intro to the game last night with great help from the Gb Channel!! Got a sweet deal for 30 days plus alot of stuff on top for 4€ ! Looking forward to getting back online on thursday and then hopefully I will be able to apply for the GB Corp! Thx again for the help.

Jazaari Konevatku aka Firefly

#211 Posted by ZombieGoast (28 posts) -

Hey guys, I'm Tycho Oste in game. Started a few days ago, completed the tutorials and picked up the $5 GMG starter's pack yesterday. Awesome game, I'm looking forward to space truckin' with you guys!

#212 Posted by bcjohnnie (442 posts) -

Hey everyone, I'm Bestfar Rasmussen in game... Also I'm apparently insane because I re-subbed even though I never really figured out how to play this game. Anyway, I'm looking forward to messing around in space again.

#213 Posted by SemiConducted (2 posts) -

Hey all I also picked up the $5 trial and am diving in to see what this game is all about. I'm Vick Ambraelle in game, thanks for the help that you've provided already and hope to be of some use here shortly.

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hey guys, I've been hanging out as a newbie in the channel for almost a week now (Cynical Energy) enjoying the help and I'm well and truly hooked.

Working my way up to join the corp, getting some experience in first. Just wanted to say I've enjoyed the giantbombing channel and looking forward to the future. +8gmt Perth gamer here so I've probably been on at odd times for the bulk of the crew.

#215 Posted by SpoogeMcduck (193 posts) -

Just got the free trial downloaded, and it still had my account though its 27 months inactive, so l'll be back playing possibly this weekend checking out whats new and looking for GB people. Game looks to have some improvements since I last played so will see how it goes. Can't get myself into GW2 it seems...

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Downloading the client now. Do I just post my character name here and I'll get some kind of offer notification or do I need to ask someone in game? Thanks to those who answer, can't wait to get into this.

#217 Posted by takayamasama (442 posts) -

Hello! Just downloaded and am in game under the name Takayama Sama. Joined the giantboming channel but seems im not on during a big play time.

Looking forward to trying this crazy thing! Getting started on tutorials now

#218 Posted by FateOfNever (1855 posts) -

Like a madman I'm downloading the client tonight. I've been on a weird MMO binge lately - WoW, TOR, DDO, Neverwinter, Warhammer Online.. I may as well add this to the list, right?

#219 Posted by hobbz (21 posts) -

Chiming in on this thread. I'm Jason McShaw in game.

#220 Posted by Blargonaut (153 posts) -

Yeah soooo, If I wanted to play this game what would be my upfront cost investment? Damn @patrickklepek has gotten me somewhat interested. Also, Space.

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@vincentblackrose: Join the Giantbombing channel in game. Usually pretty full of duders ready to help out.

#222 Posted by zinchalk (12 posts) -

Hi guys, I haven't played in a few years and I kinda forgot how to play. Hit me up when you get a chance. (Pilot name: Rusty Broome) I'll be applying to the corp after my wait period expires from my now defunct corp from ages past.

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I've made a new pilot while I re-run the tutorials. My pilot's name is Teddie Kuma.

#224 Posted by Reisz (1545 posts) -

Man, I'm going to get in on this. Great idea and I look forward to loading up the client again. I'll edit with my Pilot name this weekend when I'm all set up.

Tanks again duders and dudettes

#225 Posted by musclerider (604 posts) -

It was great seeing an influx of new duders today all over the place. Hopefully we can get some operations of all sorts together for the weekend (PvP, PvE, Mining). There is also a mining channel but that's still under construction a little bit.

#226 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

I'd love to get into Eve again, but I feel like I just don't have the time right now to seriously commit to it despite how cool I remember it being. You guys better still be here once I have time for something like this again!

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Hello, after the recent bombcast I bit the bullet and am now downloading the Trial. See you duders soon.

#228 Posted by StrikeALight (1115 posts) -

Amaing how, 9 years after launch, this game is still gaining momentum.

#229 Posted by juhoz (35 posts) -

I guess the passion of blowing stuff up in space never gets old.

#230 Posted by YoThatLimp (1946 posts) -

Just subbed for 3 months after letting my Trial lapse. Had to leave Kite Co because I was in Amarr space and afraid to be blow up, hah!

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Oh no, after playing for a few hours someone challenged me to a duel. I thought duels were just some friendly stuff penalty. There goes everything I owned. I can only imagine the feeling of losing something really valuable.

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Haven't played in years, but after hearing about Patrick's travels it has reignited my interested in EVE. Going to join up tonight! So excited.

Update: @kinggiddra, I just used your Buddy Link to make an account.

#233 Edited by Jabb3r (4 posts) -

Well eventually when I join the corp it'll be Ivortorabolocov. I talk in the giantbombing channel atm as Jabb3r02

I planned on activating my Ivor account today and joining, unfortunately turns out I can't see very well so gotta cough up for some new glasses which has cost nearly 2 6 month eve subs :( Good news is soon I'll be able to see the ships I do fly better when they arrive :)

Will join asap though


#234 Posted by niyoko (53 posts) -

@kinggiddra: Thanks for setting things up. I started back in '05 but dropped off. Now I've booted things back up with a new character. I'm looking forward to having fun with some fellow duders. I'm going to hit up the "giantbomb" chat channel tonight and see if I can find the Kite Co. Space Truckers information.

See ya in the game.

#235 Posted by Mr_Creeper (1312 posts) -

Just joined last night! Now to relearn everything I forgot over the past 6 months...

#236 Posted by shatteringlast (256 posts) -

Downloading the Trial now... but it's the 14 day one. I just went to Eve's site and started there, then came here. CURSES. Cant wait to play with you guys/gals!

#237 Edited by Black_Otter (6 posts) -

Hey everyone. I must admit it's been a few years since I last tried EVE but after hearing about some of the new features I'm going to give it a shot!

#238 Posted by Nighthawk1199 (1 posts) -

Sent in my app. I'm excited to get into it.

#239 Posted by AzlamOrlandu (34 posts) -

I found Patrick's report from Iceland inspiring. I'm going to give the trial a shot. I'll look for you online.

#240 Posted by ciscoidiot (35 posts) -

Reactivated just in time for the weekend!

#241 Posted by artfuldodger (36 posts) -

hey i'm looking to "defect" from the PA corp over to here. so i'd love someone to hit me up to tell me how to get my battleship out of whatever zero sec space it's in to where it needs to be.

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All of these EVE stories fascinate me, but I'm just too intimidated by the game to take the leap. It'd be far from my first MMO, but EVE truly is its own animal. Can you just mess with trading/finances and play the game that way? The most fun I've ever had in an MMO was when I turned into a trading tycoon of sorts in WoW and was manipulating markets and being quite the opportunist. Good times.

#243 Posted by SpoogeMcduck (193 posts) -

I'm Benty Hamabu in game so I'll look for the GB crew once I've relearned some things.

Here's a buddy code for whoever needs one:

#244 Posted by PolkaDuke (11 posts) -

@subjugation: I'm pretty much the same way - some of the most fun I had in WoW was playing the market, using mods like Auctioneer. In my extremely limited experience with Eve, it is way, way more fulfilling to play that way, as it's an almost real economy, there's more competition, there are Trade specific skills to learn, you have to deal with transport, etc. I would imagine that if you get super deep into that side of the game then it would literally become the spreadsheets simulator that Eve is infamous for being, but if you enjoy it then it's not a problem.

I mostly played like this when I first joined, and I had a great time.

#245 Edited by Flushes (330 posts) -

I've played a few hours and sent in my app for the corp. Starting to kind of figure things out?

#246 Edited by gike987 (1783 posts) -

@polkaduke said:

@subjugation: I'm pretty much the same way - some of the most fun I had in WoW was playing the market, using mods like Auctioneer. In my extremely limited experience with Eve, it is way, way more fulfilling to play that way, as it's an almost real economy, there's more competition, there are Trade specific skills to learn, you have to deal with transport, etc. I would imagine that if you get super deep into that side of the game then it would literally become the spreadsheets simulator that Eve is infamous for being, but if you enjoy it then it's not a problem.

I mostly played like this when I first joined, and I had a great time.

Believe me yo can get that deep into it, I literately used to have excel spreadsheets back when I did almost nothing but trading last year.

It's a valid way to play the game and you got multiple skills to train if you want to play it like that. I would recommend you to start mining or running missions, so you can build up a starting capital. Once you have some money can make tons of money if you know what you are doing.

This guide explains some of the basics, and the this guide explain the market interface. You want to use eve-central (and sites based upon it's API).

edit: @subjugation you used to play GW2, didn't you? The eve market works similar to the trading post with a better interface and not global (you can at most see everything in a region and you have to pick up item on the station you buy it).

#247 Posted by sano (3 posts) -

Do you guys accept alts from nullsec players ?

Wouldn't mind shooting the shit with GB duders rather than screwing around in RvB when things are quiet.

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The welcoming spirit of these folks and the Corp is worth more than the .5 billion isk. Let's not be silly.

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Hey guys, Velryn in game. Just resubscribed after a two year break. It's really cool to see how active the giantbomb channel and corp are. I was in the old giant bomb corporation back in 2009 or so and it was fun but kinda fizzled out because of a lack of players and ended up merging with a different corporation.

I will be submitting an application soon! (once I move a few ships out of Amarr space.)

#250 Posted by SythonX7 (134 posts) -

After playing around with free trials over the past 3 or 4 years I think its time again to give EVE another shot, maybe this time actually being part of a corp will work out. In-game name is Verik Armeron, nobody in the chat channel though, I guess you guys are more NA time based right?

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