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I was the dude that went full on Nerd on the Interview Dumptruck. http://www.giantbomb.com/podcasts/what-drives-a-man-to-travel-thousands-of-miles-for/1600-475/ I really couldn't help myself with all the lingo, it's Fanfest so it's the hardcore of the hardcore so that was my mindset. Anyways, I want to let ya'll know that if you want to jump with both feet into the deep end of Eve Online that option is available to you.

The corporation I am in (Paxton Industries) is recruiting, and we are newbie friendly. Make no mistake by the name, we are a PVP Corporation, part of Gentleman's Agreement. We are Part of the ClusterFuckCoalition and offer all manner of PVP from solo, small gang, and including the largest fleet fights that you will see in Eve Online.

Our Brochure: http://www.pxin.info/brochure.pdf

EveO Forum Post: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=192570

Join the in game channel Paxton and talk to a recruiter, or just hang out and ask questions.

Feel Free to contact me in game at Zakn Tawate. On Twitter @Zakn, or just bug me here :)

See you in Space :)

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Most corps/alliances in the CFC are a good place for new players that have an interest in null PVP. GME is a pretty classy group as well, i'd fly with them happily.

New players that get successful tackles are known to be well rewarded.

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I figured I'd add some videos to the post. This one has some vids from Burn Jita 2

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I like this video because 401k had been messing around with us trying to make us escalate fights in a way not advantageous. They went back to fucking with other people the fight after this one. I also like the song. Damn Shang

My favorite video though is from back in the Delve War from last summer. Gents Forward deployed behind enemy lines to fuck with Ratters and the Logistics of Against All Authorities. Understandably they were upset with us. They are trying to fight a massive force in Delve, and here you have an alliance hot dropping your Ratters, camping your jumpbridges, and generally making a pain out of life for all things in the home front. So they came at us. We formed up in t3 (Sniper) battle-cruisers, which have the tank of a wet paper sack, hence the bouncing. Our friends, the CFC brought in Tengu fleet (Tech 3 Crusiers) to counter thier Battleship fleet.

I was annoyed that my bro Thev apparently deleted the video that made me quote Blade Runner.. But hey! It happens..So last vid is from the fight yesterday between Alpha and Techfleet/ vs Bl./401k Lokis and Darkness. trying to 3 way.

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