Kite Co. anchors outpost, dedicates to Ryan Davis

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Today, months of planning and hard work (and a degree of hard gambling) bore fruit. Kite Co. anchored its first outpost in sov null space. Many corporations in EVE Online form and evaporate going nowhere near sov null and playing the game of Space-Thrones, but thanks to our firm friends in Voltron Squad with us, out to Brave Collective and the HERO Coalition as a whole we found our new home.

This was no small effort - more than 30 billion ISK and a month of construction time across multiple characters built our new home, to quote from our noble CEO's press release:

Today, our outpost was anchored successfully in W-MPTH, and on behalf of Kite Co. Space Trucking, I would like to dedicate it to the memory of Ryan Davis. Ryan Davis was a member of the Giant Bomb staff until his tragic death last year, and he is missed by many— to say his loss was terrible would be a horrendous understatement. Although this memorial may not last forever, I hope that it will be just one more reminder of Ryan and how incredible of a person he was.

7o, duder.

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Giant Bomb New Eden - Ryan Davis

Status: Invulnerable

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7o beep beep

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China don't care!

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Every time I see an EVE post I want to try to get into EVE again. But man, I don't know if I'm up to the task. Great work though!

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I love Ryan Davis

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Thanks to Everyone in Kite Co for making it possible. This thing was no small undertaking, and seeing Mattisen stress about it for like the last month trying to coordinate moving the thing was great! Love, Ryan Davis. Though the station may some day be conquered and change hands and names, Kite Co will remember this as the spot we made a permanent mark on the EVE universe. o7

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That's awesome

Eve continues to be an insane oddity to me that I much rather look at than actually touch.

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7o Beep Beep

Miss you Ryan

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Fuck, Ryan Davis.

We're sure to lose the station eventually, and the new owners can rename, but the station itself will stay forever unless CCP actually makes outposts destructible someday. It's cool to have a tangible artifact of Kite Co's affect on the Eve universe, no matter how small! :D

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Nice job guys. Good to see these kind of tributes to Ryan showing up in games.

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I'm proud of you guys. :) Makes me want to join in again.

This time was fun:

Loading Video...

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@forcen: One of my favorite Kite Co videos!

For reference on the outpost, 30B isk when we bought materials is about $600 worth of plex(game time cards). So cool to have a group that can pull this off all from the GB community. :D

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Impressive memorial duders.


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Wow. It's going to be kind of upsetting when some random guy having to answer the door for the pizza guy results in a massive, multi-fleet conflict that destroys the Ryan Davis.

EDIT: I just noticed that it's labeled "invulnerable". That's cool, but it would have been pretty funny if this thing got destroyed in a month or two.

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@spoonman671: With current mechanics, stations are never destroyed. They can be conquered and renamed(so it probably wont have this name forever), but not destroyed. There are hints that CCP wants to change it, but for now, this station will remain until something major changes. It is only "invulnerable" until some other steps are taken to allow the station to be attackable!

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Perhaps I'll try to sneak over there to take a peek at it in that system just to say I was there.

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7o, Kite Co best Co. Ryan Davis best Ryan Davis.

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Now that is rad. :D

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@marokai said:

Perhaps I'll try to sneak over there to take a peek at it in that system just to say I was there.

Loading Video...

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Taswell Prime is slowly being upgraded with top-of-the-line technology. Our best minds are hard at working making this a monument to Eternal Space God-King Taswell.

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/salute, Duders, well done.

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This is just wonderful. Well done, all.

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This is just simply amazing. Very well done job all-around, duders.

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That's a lovely gesture duders. My imaginary hat's off to you.

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Kite Co., disciples of the grand master known only as Dave "enemykite" Snider, know no boundaries in our determination. We hope to leave a mark on this universe with our efforts and contribution much in the same way that our lives have been affected for the better through the efforts and contribution of the Giant Bomb staff, especially Ryan Taswell Davis.

Gone from this earthly realm but forever remaining in our hearts. 7o you beautiful man.

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The other Kite Co. salutes you.

One hell of an endeavor for one hell of a man.

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Awesome work duders. o7

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@breakfastking: You should. Kite Co is good. Best corp I've been in, increased my desire to play 100x.

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My Jump Clone is inside Ryan Davis.

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Truly beautiful. 7o for you all.

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