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The EVE franchise started out with the MMO, EVE Online in 2003; there is also an upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive FPS, Dust 514, which will tie in directly with the MMO.

EON Magazine

EON Issue #001

EON is EVE Online's official magazine, published quarterly for $14.95 USD an Issue or $55.00 USD for a year. As of July 2009 there has been 16 issues. Each issue contains many sections including ingame news, tips and ship setups, fan fiction, short stories as well as interviews of Alliances and CCP staff. While the magazine has seen a few Alienware ads in order to help support it, most of the ads are taken out by players, corporation, and alliances in order to promote themselves. The interesting thing about these ads is the fact that they are pay for in ISK, or ingame currency.

EON has influenced other MMOs, namely World of Warcraft, to start publishing their own quarterly magazine. The World of Warcraft magazine, found at, is 148 pages long and is heavily ad supported running at $39.95 USD for a year subscription. Though it is speculated that it is not doing nearly as well as EON due the lack of dynamic and open ended content that World of Warcraft has to offer.

EVE: The Second Genesis

The Second Genesis was a collectible card game, made by CCP Games and White Wolf, Inc . where each player acts as a

Booster Card Packs

CEO of a corporation that through exploration, mining or military might would defeat the opponent CEOs, as it was possible to play with more then just two people. The game operated in phases similar to Magic the gathering, so similar that there was a mod that would make use of a PC internet version of Magic the Gathering, modified the rule and card set allowed The Second Genesis to be played.

The Core set of cards contained 240 cards and four Starter Kits, each containing two Starter Decks. The Starter decks where group by racial allegiances, the Day of Darkness Starter Kit consists of the Minmatar and Amarr and the Great War Starter Kit consists of the Caldari and Gallente, each kit containing 110 cards. After two years of no updates to the official website, the product line and website have been seemingly pulled. There has been no official statement from CCP Games.


Originally Quafe had been an ingame Gallenete based corporation that sold the self named lemon-lime soft drink Quafe. Being the only soft drink in New Eden, it naturally was a huge success. In October 2004 CCP Games launched the EVE Online virtual drink Quafe for sale at their website. It was $1.50 USD for a bottle and $15.10 USD for a six pack. The sale of the drink was later ceased.

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