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A being of magic and shadows, Evelynn is a master of striking fast and catching enemies unaware. Utilizing her stealth, Evelynn drifts around the battlefield attacking foes from behind. Fueled by the death of nearby champions, she easily earns her title of "Widowmaker" on the Fields of Justice.


 Determined Killer
Passive: The damage minions deal to Evelynn is reduced by 50%.
 Hate Spike
Active Ability (Q): Channels her fury to strike a nearby enemy, dealing magic damage and 50% damage to another nearby enemy.
 Shadow Walk
Active Ability (W): Evelynn steps into the shadows, becoming invisible. Her next attack breaks her stealth and stuns the target.
Active Ability (E): Evelynn strikes her target, dealing magic damage. If Ravage is used from behind, it reduces the magic resistance and armor of the target for a certain amount of time.
 Malice and Spite
Active Ability (R): Malice and Spite can only be activated for 3 minutes after an enemy champion dies, giving Evelynn increased attack and movement speed for 15 seconds (doesn't stack with itself). If Evelynn has dealt damage to the champion within 10 seconds of their death, she is healed for 25% of their maximum health upon their death.

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