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Everfrost Peaks

Everfrost Peaks can be found in the northern reaches of the continent. Upon entering the mountain range from Blackburrow, adventurers are met with towering slopes of ice and snow. Halas, the city of Barbarians, can be found at the northern most point of the range. To the east, the terrain levels out to reveal a frozen river and scattered remains of the Combine Empire from the Elder Age. These lands were once the fertile grounds the giants of Norrath called home, but were frozen during The Rathe's curse upon all of Rallos Zek's creations. The goblins, orcs, and giants still remain in the region, yet lesser in the mind than they were centuries ago. Dedicated adventurers will find that beneath the frozen river lies an entrance to caves once inhabited by Miragul, the leader of the Heretics of Paineel. Far to the east of the frozen tundra lies Permafrost Keep. Many veteran warriors and adept spell casters have entered never to be seen again.

Neighboring Zones


Notable NPCs

  • Iceberg
  • Karg Icebear
  • Lich of Miragul
  • Martar Icebear
  • Redwind
  • Snowflake
  • Tundra Jack

EverQuest II

Everfrost Bay

After the cataclysmic event known as The Shattering, much of Norrath was considered lost forever. Everfrost still exists, but is no longer connected to Antonica.

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