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Evergreen Mills is a location in Fallout 3, consisting of five buildings which presumably made up a steel mill before the Great War. It is called home by a large amount of raiders, a few slaves and a super mutant behemoth. It is where the Bobblehead - Barter item is found, and it's also where the Vault 101 Dweller may find one of the few (if not the only) friendly raiders in the Capital Wasteland: Smiling Jack.


The outdoor area of Evergreen Mills is a valley, accessible either via a set of railroad tracks running in from the east, or by dropping down the valley's cliffs. Main attractions in this area include a slave pen with freeable slaves, and an electrified cage housing a super mutant behemoth.
The super mutant behemoth may be released a few ways: cutting off power to the fence by breaking the generator, picking the lock, or releasing the slaves. There is a fourth, somewhat glitchy method of releasing the behemoth, and that is simply having any follower with you when you enter Evergreen Mills and are near the behemoth. As long as your follower sees the behemoth, they should open the cage and attack, bypassing any lock or eletrical deterrence from the fence. Be warned, however, that once the behemoth is released, it will attack anything and everything that moves.
To free the slaves, either a lockpick or the key off a raider near the slaves will open their locked gate. There is also a key available in the Guard House. If you didn't already free the super mutant behemoth, one of the slaves will now go do that for you. Amusingly, once the slaves are free, and assuming their release did not coincide with the behemoth's, they will remain at Evergreen Mills wandering the exterior, saying things like, "We'd only die out there in the wastes" and "What's the point?"


Guard House

A shack in the northeast section of the Mills. It contains no inhabitants, but does hold a Evergreen Mills slave pen key and ammunition.

Northern Shack

A shack north of the foundry. Two raiders are found inside, of which one wears sexy sleepwear. A bottlecap mine may be found under the workbench.

Southern Shack

A shack in the southern section of the Mills. It contains one raider, with notable loot including a missile launcher and US Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes.

Evergreen Mills Foundry

The Foundry is the largest freestanding building in the Mills location. It has two stories, and contains 6 raider guards. There is various loot in this part of the Mills, including multiple safes, mine boxes, Nuka-Cola, a Nuka-Grenade, a Fat Man, and a Duck and Cover!

Evergreen Mills Bazaar

The Bazaar is an underground cave system, complete with a bar, brothel and store. It is accessible through a hole in the floor of the Foundry. Other than the friendly Smiling Jack, there are ten heavily armed raiders waiting to ruin the Lone Wanderer's day.
Immediately upon entering the Bazaar from the Foundry, there is a bar with two refrigerators. By jumping on to the shelf right of the fridges, there is a small crate reachable behind the left refrigerator which contains a few pulse grenades. Another pulse grenade is hidden in a bucket on a shelf left of the refrigerators. A Nuka-Cola Quantum can also be found behind the bar.
The brothel is located on the top floor of the Bazaar, accessible via a few ramps. An unnamed and unfriendly female raider will greet the player at the brothel with their hunting rifle. There are more raider women who are locked in cells — freeing them turns them fully hostile. Within one of these cells is a copy of Nikola Tesla and You.
The middle level of the Bazaar houses Smiling Jack and his shop. Smiling Jack is possibly the only friendly raider in the game. He carries a unique shotgun, The Terrible Shotgun, and a key to his safe which is found behind the counter of his shop. Killing Smiling Jack has no effect on karma so the player may end his life consequence-free and obtain his weapon and loot. The Bobblehead - Barter item can also be found in Smiling Jack's shop, on a shelf along the back wall.

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