Any Everquest 1 Fans out there?

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1999-2000 Karana Server Half Elf - Bard at your service.




Need SoW, Need TP To Freeport, LFG, WTS, WTB, EC TUNNEL!









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Is this another WoW ripoff????

Just kidding... I used to play EverQuest back in the day but not anymore.
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@redspaceman: EQ1 fan? You could say that... *looks over at my wiki history*

I played on Rodcet Nife from 2000 to 2004 pretty heavily. Probably the most fun I'll ever have in a game.
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Yeah, for like 2 years some time around 2000.
When they did the 3rd expansion and changed the graphics I thought it lost its charm, so that's when I stopped.  It was my favorite game at the time, easily.

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@Quacktastic: I usually kept the old models turned on. The melee animations on the Luclin models were pretty awful.
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I'm usually good for a nostalgia kick for a month or so every year. The game is very special to me, in a way that's kinda hard to explain. First playing it as an early teenager, after having played a lot of MUD's for years, adding the graphics element to it it just completely blew my mind.

Being able to explore everywhere, having to figure out quests through use of keywords with npc's and not having extensive wiki's like we do now, made it feel like every new place you went to was uncovering some great secret. Looking back and remembering all of the insane theories for the mechanics of different npc's (Ancient Cyclops just as one example), and just how many mechanics and quests listed are still unsolved still after all of these years (Though I'm sure most of these are because of there being many different designers for zones at different times and things not being completed and forgotten).

I hope someday we could get an extensive interview either in video or text with a former developer of the game in-the-know that could explain fully all of the secrets that were never fully discovered, and other quirks that people would like to know

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I played for around 2 years starting in late 1999 going through Velious. For a bit there I was afraid I would miss out on high school and the women associated with that time in your life. I was never the best player but man was playing a Druid nice until level 50+.

I keep hearing from those old school addicts that it is much better to leave that nostalgia itch in the past, but for those that can't check out Shards of Dalaya. It is EverQuest + Kunark on one free open server with bonus XP awarded to various zones. There isn't a great or stable economy due to the small player base, but it can be fun if all you want is to hop in and see EverQuest before Luclin changed everything.

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Started playing in 2000(?maybe) immediately after the release of Kunark. I was a freshman in high school and had only played Starcraft, Diablo II, and Warcraft 2 up to that point. I remember being completely overwhelmed by emotions while playing Dark Elves and Iksar. It was, to this day, one of the most unique experiences I've ever undergone. I was thoroughly pleased with Velious when it came out, but the Luclin expansion with easy-teleports and terrible graphics upgrades really killed the game for me.

To this day I think about all the experiences I had in EQ1. There was truly something magical about it. What a shame. I too would be interested in an extensive interview with the former developer. Brad McQuaid if I'm not mistaken. He tried to develop Vanguard (which SOE's hands promptly shredded). I remember reading (somewhere) about his utter disappointment in the way EQ1 went and ultimately Vanguard as well. Guess that's what happens when you have to pay payroll and there's no money in the bank; I know that feeling.

Edit: If anyone's interested there's a free server that hosts EQ1 -AS IT WAS- in 1999, that means: Hell levels, Kunark only (maybe velious), Class exp penalties, exploration, EC tunnel trading, and most of all: Classic Nektulos forest.

Hit me up if you start playing, the only solo'ers are pet classes.

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