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Oldschool Everquest

Everquest was the first for everything that you now know and love about Massively Multiplayer Roleplaying games, obviously we could go back to muds and such to really find where things were created but most of us started to know spells/mobs/races/classes etc etc from Everquest and/or Ultima Online.

EQ basicly took what us nerds loved about muds and put them in a 3d world that we could walk around and interact with people in, the fealing you got from that back on release can not be described, it was a dream.

You would start out creating your character, give it some attribute points, generate your avatar and boom, your online with thousands of other people walking around you just as amazed as you were.

EQ obviously had its flaws but that is what was so great about it, there were no systems that made the game easier for you, leveling was alot harder than 90% of the mmorpgs out right now and the community was created by the community because all we really had was the normal /shout, /ooc, /say, /tell and /auc tabs like you see in most games now adays.

The thing about EQ's flaws were they were not flaws at all, EQ allowed players to create the game for themselves, if you wanted to create a guild, you had to get alot of people together and actually go into a chat room with a gm and create a guild, it was very hard to make a guild, so any guild that was actually created was usually good from the get go. If you wanted to auction off some of your items, the community dedicated a spot for that, usually players would gather in a spot like East Commons tunnel or Greater faydwar and /auc off their items, people would than have to barter with you for those items, the economy was than created by characters, it was not generated by an auction house or bazaar that characters could view at any time to see what items are selling for, personal knowledge or other players would be the only database for economy.

Community was the main thing about everquest, the fealing you got from Everquest was the same fealing you would have gotten if this game was real life, if you were a person in this fantasy based world you would have acted the same way, if you needed to sell something, you went to the market and tried to barter with people to buy your items, if you wanted to create a raid, you went and talked to people to create that raid.. now adays systems create things things for us, which completely gets rid of the idea of community in a mmorpg.

10/10 for Oldschool Everquest.

If Everquest came out today exactly the same as it was, no expansions, nothing, just a different name.. it would be back on top again.

And most importantly it would show alot of newer mmorpg players what a mmorpg is sappose to be.

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Posted by Cammy

Neostelgia factor for this game continues to grow for me and some of my best friends, some of the best moments of my nerdy high school era was running through Kunark when it was first released (sad i know) but i loved that shit, and would never forget how fun those days were (pre-luclin, although we did play up until GoD)

o, and loved the review =)

Posted by Shawk

Thanks, I know completely what your talking about,

I have lots of dorky memories of playing in this game, I hope one day they bring back the old eq.

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