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4.25 stars 4.25/5 Stars Average score of 4 user reviews spread across 2 releases and 0 DLC

A quirky platformer with nothing unsettling at all going on 0

Eversion is an indie platformer that was originally released for free online, and later released via Steam, with updated graphics, additional secrets, and better graphics. The game starts off very similar to the original Super Mario games, with the player jumping over blocks and defeating enemies by stomping on their heads. It is undeniably cheerful, with bright colors and happy color designs. Indeed, like Braid, it seems to wear its lineage proudly, rather than cover it up.    What a cute game!...

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Sounds - possibly musical - heard in the night from other worlds 0

Eversion is a platformer in the vein of Super Mario Bros. (to the point that the game files call the enemies "goombas", and an achievement makes reference to the first SMB). On the subject of Achievements, those, leaderboards for a "time attack" mode, and graphical improvements are what you're actually paying for in this Steam release; the developer, Zaratustra Productions, also has a freeware version available at their site, to the manual, you are Zee Tee, a brave -a-s-t-...

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This is not what it looks like 0

Originally Eversion was a freeware PC game. It has received a graphical overhaul, new secrets and a price tag on it's Steam version. Which I had chance of playing recently. I would recommended playing the game without reading a single review. This is because of the layer mechanism that is way cooler without any knowledge of it. Well too late now.  Start with this.. Eversion is a traditional 2D platform/puzzle game. Only difference is that it comes with a twist. Protagonist is a flower looking ch...

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Don't worry, Eversion hates you too! 0

This is definitely not a game for everyone. It is a game that will abuse you without any hint of remorse. But, those able put up with it will find something special in Eversion that can't be had anywhere else. Eversion follows a single rule from start to finish: appearances are deceiving. The game appears to be a platformer; it is not. The game appears to be colorful and cheery; it doesn't last long. The game appears to be easy; you will be cursing everything around you before you finish. Even s...

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