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 Every Extend Extra is one out of 3 games designed for the PSP made by the famous puzzle makers, Q Entertainment. Even though its made by Q Entertainment, it isn't really a puzzle game at heart.

in this game, you play as a bomb, and your goal is to make the biggest combo's you possibly can by starting a chain reaction of explosions. You have a time limit, and a stock number of bombs. There are pickups you can collect that either boosts your score, the speed that chain reactors appear on the screen, and that gives you more time on the clock.

After each level, there is a boss that appears that can shoot at you, you have to kill it by setting off a specific number of chain reactions. Most of these bosses are the same, but its still feels fun and it gives you the feeling of old arcade top-down flying games.

The gameplay is great and compelling, there are little things to complain about. The only thing that I can find that really stands out is that whenever you get too many speed boosts, the background can get really confusing and it can get really hard to tell which objects are floating in the background, and which objects are floating on your level, and can make you explode.

The graphics are crisp and sharp. But 3/4 of the levels feel the same, there is only 2-3 levels that are completely different looking. It's a shame to see someone like Q Entertainment not fully taking advantage of the art design of the few levels they have.

The same goes for the sound. The standout thing about Lumines(and Lumines II for that matter) was the soundtrack. And while their might be 1 or 2 tracks in the game, the rest of them are very dissapointing.

And now for the value of them game. This game has 9 levels.... just 9... and none of the 9 are amazing. this game feels like a long demo, more than a full fledge game(especially at $30)

overall, the score would be a little bit higher, if it was, lets say, a cheap PS3/360 arcade game... but its supposedly a full PSP game, which is sad of how little attention it seems that Q gave this game.

Pros: Great Gameplay, showing that Q Entertainment is still king of puzzlers, Sharp Graphics

Cons: Gets a little to distracting in the background, only 9 levels, not as quirky as I would like, bad soundtrack    


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