Nostalgia anyone?

#1 Posted by StaticFalconar (4920 posts) -

Ok, its been a while, but I am actually replaying this game after several years. And after the first island, I can say it was fun, but I've had my fill.

There are several problems that just kills the game:

The AI
For a game that takes so much control away from you, the AI has to be better. I'm thinking this game would have been better if Lionhead had done it instead.

The enemy AI
they are either too dumb or just destorys all my traps i just spent a lot of money putting up. It's not like the traps didn't work earlier, the hard enemies are just that hard.

So while it was great to be an evil genius again, it becomes real apparent this kills the game.

Anyone agree?

#2 Posted by Resizzle (22 posts) -

Yes but i still love this game to death.

Its got an undeniable charm

interrogation's never seemed to always work

#3 Posted by Buscemi (1125 posts) -

Man, I just bought this because my Dungeon Keeper (one of the best games ever) won't work with Windows Vista (asscrack fucktard shithole-y fucking thing). Not even close to being as good as Dungen Keeper, not even remotely. But then again I like the style of it; 50s and such.

#4 Posted by krazychris (231 posts) -

I have lots of good memorys with this game but at the same time I remember getting frustated at the AI and such, still it felt like a one of a kind game (even though it's similar to Dungeon Keeper)

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