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Evil Genius (PC) Review 0

Evil Genius is a mix of LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth and Sim Theme Park.  You build a base instead of a park, and instead of walking into mordor, you are mordor.  Plain and simple, take those two games, add the Austin Powers and 007 vibe into a jar and shake.  The outcome would be this masterpiece.    You play as an Evil Genius, laughably taunted by the world for being a joke, who eventually hold the UN hostage with a friggin nuke.  Build traps, a badass evil base, an even more badass base, cre...

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MY TIDBITS: Evil Genius 0

The game is a bit old, but it still can cater to players who needs to release their megalomania from time to time. Evil genius was released way back in 2004, almost ten years old by the time of my writing. It is a single player game which the character is represented by an evil genius (you can choose three evil geniuses, each with their own special abilities ) who owns an evil lair underneath a mountain in an isolated island. While the evil genius plots for world domination, the game gives you ...

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Being the bad guy is always more fun. 0

I first found out about Evil Genius around about when it came out way back in 2004 but i didn't actualy get myself the game until a few years later. Basiclly Evil Genius takes movies like Austin Powers and turns them on their head. Although set in the world of 60's espionage, the era that gave us the birth of the Cold War and James Bond, the game allows you to play as the bad guy, the man (or woman) who's greatest desire is world domination. To achieve your goals your must build your underground...

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