CEO 2013 Preview (June 28 - 30) plus E3 Round-up, new Divekick character, KI is not F2P & FGC News

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#151 Posted by RecSpec (3678 posts) -

This has been exciting as hell.

#152 Edited by OmniscientCajun (96 posts) -

Man, I know we're not done yet but that PR Balrog vs. Green Ace match was incredible. Marvel match of the tournament thus far for me.

#153 Posted by OneManX (1661 posts) -

Green Ace... Man... GREEN ACE!

Damn good match, props to Rog for clutching that one out.

#154 Posted by Demoskinos (13835 posts) -

That match with Green Ace was down to the wire every single round. Whew. Absolutely the best matchup so far today.

#155 Posted by FLStyle (4395 posts) -
#156 Posted by StarvingGamer (7556 posts) -

Man, all this does is remind me how much of a magician Keits is.

#157 Posted by FLStyle (4395 posts) -

Indeed! Alas, I'm too tired to watch the rest, I'll have to check the archive!

#158 Edited by davidwitten22 (1701 posts) -

Now they're showing AE on the second stream... I'm so conflicted! I like AE way more, but this Top 8 in Marvel has been so hype I don't want to switch...

multi-twitch is godlike.

#159 Posted by Demoskinos (13835 posts) -

Well there it is Chris G winning both Marvel and Injustice.

#160 Edited by StarvingGamer (7556 posts) -

Wasn't there some thing about Chris G saying he wasn't going to go to Evo because the money wasn't worth it or something? And bitching about PS3?

#161 Posted by davidwitten22 (1701 posts) -

I haven't heard about that, but he'll definitely be there. I'm sure his team and sponsors would be furious if he didn't show up to the biggest fighting game tournament in the world.

#162 Edited by GaspoweR (2509 posts) -

@starvinggamer said:

Wasn't there some thing about Chris G saying he wasn't going to go to Evo because the money wasn't worth it or something? And bitching about PS3?

Bitching about PS3 for sure Ive heard of that but not going to EVO is new to me.

@demoskinos said:

Well there it is Chris G winning both Marvel and Injustice.

I'm glad that Chris G uses Green Arrow since his character choices in his other games are hella annoying (except for 3S since I respect his Sean).

#164 Posted by Demoskinos (13835 posts) -

Fun weekend. Thanks again for @flstyle for throwing up these blogs. Awesome work. Can't wait to see what goes down at EVO 2013. I'll have to catch up on some Archives of some stuff tomorrow. Missed most of Friday and Saturday.

#165 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19140 posts) -

I need to learn that monitor speed control magic Momochi was using against Chris G.

#166 Posted by StarvingGamer (7556 posts) -

@gaspower: @davidwitten22: Oh right, it was after Chris G was bitching about PS3 lag after losing to SenorTaxi and MrWizard trolled him about it and Chris retorted with a homophobic slur. Then this happened:

"On an episode of eSports talk show Live On Three he said that because he dislikes MrWizard, and because the prize from winning at EVO is too small to make much of a difference in his life, he's considering passing it up."

I'm sure it was all talk. No way he's not going to go.

#167 Posted by thegoldencat7 (1471 posts) -

Great tournament, thoroughly enjoyed it. There were some technical issues, and the stream chat was kind of a write off but the matches were hype and in the end that's all that matters.

#168 Posted by FLStyle (4395 posts) -

Just working through the archive now, got 2 hours left! Man, CEO ran long this year.

#169 Edited by FLStyle (4395 posts) -

Since my last post I've

  1. Finished watching the CEO 2013 archive, it was awesome
  2. Found a fresh round of gaming journalism vs. FGC/competitive gaming anger on Twitter following Kotaku reporting on Noel Brown being arrested for hitting his ex-girlfriend and other person

Other than how sad I am to see all the staff, stream producers and attendees and their participation in one of the best and certainly most watched non-EVO tournament event of the year (36K viewers), get overshadowed by 1 person getting arrested, I'm super excited for EVO in less than 2 weeks time.

I'll probably put the EVO preview blog up on Monday, if not a little earlier, depending on what is available to report in a week's time it'll probably also have Noel Brown incident fallout round-up and Curleh Mustache: West Coast 2 results, we'll see.

Thanks for reading this and tuning into the event!

#170 Posted by altairre (997 posts) -

That was a fun tournament to watch and while I don't like seeing the screen full of Soulfists there's no denying that Chris G is a great player and deserved that win (still have to watch the Injustice matches where I'm all for him winning with Green Arrow). I'm curious to see how he will do at EVO and if someone manages to deal with all that stuff.

Xian taking SSF4 is really awesome. His Gen is one of the most entertaining characters to watch and his execution is just insane. I tried playing Gen for a while and man, he is not an easy to use character at all but Xian just goes to town with him.

Oh, and one last thing: Fuck Vergil.

#171 Posted by FLStyle (4395 posts) -

@altairre: I agree with everything you just said!

#172 Posted by OneManX (1661 posts) -

So ready for EVO...switched away from dirty DSL, so now I can stream monster SO HARD!

I wanna see Chris take Injustice, Ilove his Green Arrow play and I hope it puts the Scorpion crybabies top sleep finally.

Hope the GB Chat is open again this year, I wanna stream monster with Bombers again this year.

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