NorCal Regionals 2013 (26th-28th) Preview + New Divekick Characters and 1st Injustice high-profile tournament results

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Posted by FLStyle (5958 posts) -

Time for another FGC blog and another Road to EVO major, the 3rd of the 5, NorCal Regionals!

NorCal Regionals 2013 - April 26th-28th

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Disclaimer: The official NorCal Regionals 2013 trailer, with all its Hotline Miami goodness, is brought to you by Giant Bomb's own @lordofultima.

All the main EVO games will be there and joined by Divekick, which will be using the Jefailey build (see more below). All the brackets are at so you can check to see which pool of which game your favourite players are in.

MadCatz have offers all weekend during the event:

Stream Schedule**



10 a.m.–2 p.m. Street Fighter x Tekken

2–4 p.m. Persona 4

4–7 p.m. King of Fighters

7–9 p.m. Tekken Tag


10 a.m.–4 p.m. Street Fighter 4 Pools

4–10 p.m. Marvel 3 Pools



10 a.m.–2 p.m Street Fighter 4 Pools

2–5 p.m. Marvel 3 Pools

5–6 p.m. Mortal Kombat Finals

6–7 p.m. Persona 4 Finals

7–8 p.m. Dead or Alive Finals

8–10 p.m. Smash Bros. Finals


10–11 a.m. Tekken Tag Finals

11 a.m.–2 p.m. King of Fighters Finals

2–3 p.m. Divekick Finals

3–5 p.m. Street Fighter x Tekken Semis

5–8 p.m. Street Fighter 4 Semis

8 p.m.–Close Marvel 3 Semis



11 a.m.–1 p.m. Street Fighter 4 T16-T8

1–3 p.m. Marvel 3 T16-T8

3–5 p.m. Street Fighter x Tekken Finals

5–8 p.m. Street Fighter 4 Finals

8 p.m.–Close Marvel 3 Finals

*All times are subject to change without notice.

**Thanks to user @reddy1124 for pointing out the stream schedule at

Stream links

Team Spooky:


More to be added as they become available

Speaking of Divekick...

New Divekick characters

If you haven't seen them already, I present to you Uncle Sensei and Jefailey, the latest divekickers (or dropkicker, in Jefailey's case) to be added to the Divekick line-up, as unveiled on Iron Galaxy's Divekick #eSports Hour on their Twitch page.

The Divekick #eSports Hour airs every Monday Night at 7PM PST - 9PM CST - 10PM EST - 3AM GMT, the shows are even uploaded in 5 chunks to the Iron Galaxy Youtube channel. Enter the Lang Zone!

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Injustice: Gods Among Us - Civil War V results

Last weekend was Civil War V, it may have not been a Road to EVO major and the hotel venue's internet may have been awful, but Spooky and Arturo still managed to squeeze two decent streams out of 4G.

MadCatz own MarkMan said that Super Street Fighter IV: AE Version 2012's Winner's Final, Loser's Final and Grand Final at Civil War V was the most refreshing he'd seen in a long time. In the top 3 AGE NYChrisG (who won UMvC3 later on)'s Sakura won the tournament in dramatic fashion over VxG EMP Dieminion's Guile and MadCatz Team Spooky's Arturo's Dhalsim (who won SFxT version 2013 earlier on).

Arturo and Skisonic provide commentary for the Injustice Top 3

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Civil War V was also the debut of Injustice: Gods Among Us in tournament play and fortunately for the spectator (maybe not the players themselves in the short-term), the Injustice pre-release testers were allowed to compete, showing early examples of high-level play. While the interactables, notorious for being unblockable played a role in the matches, the typically high-level of EMP's REO and Tom Brady and again AGE NYChrisG proved that Injustice is off to a good start in tournaments.

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Injustice is not officially at EVO 2013 while MK9 has its final official tournament this year, but if this first tournament is anything to go by, it should be an easy choice to swap NetherRealm game for NetherRealm game next year at EVO 2014.

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I will tell you one thing though, it's a good job Arturo and Skisonic manage to do a good job commentating these matches, because the game's music and in-game announcer are almost non-existent. Other than that, good job NetherRealm Studios.

Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Videos of interest

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@reddy1124: Many thanks sir, I added it to the OP.

#3 Edited by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -


Seriously. While it's hilarious to see that stage boil down to two guys throwing the pig at each other, it's also really broken. Only issue is that you're banning half a stage, and there's no way to stop players from doing the stage transition in the first half outside of banning the whole stage together. Which then removes a perfectly viable 1/2 a stage for no reason other than "the second half is broken."

Injustice needs collusion.

#4 Posted by DocHaus (1973 posts) -

I'm actually co-organizing a local fightan game tournament this weekend in MD. Maybe I'll write a blog about it later if I have the energy to do so.

#5 Posted by DevourerOfTime (583 posts) -

Nice post as usual FLStyle. I'm always up for more Rush Hour shenanigans.

#6 Posted by FLStyle (5958 posts) -

@morbid_coffee: The comedy hype has gotten so intense that someone made an Injustice Pig twitter account, I thought parody accounts were reserved for raffles. People will get tired of it eventually I'm sure.

@dochaus: Good luck, looks hard to run.

@devoureroftime: Thanks! They don't get on the mics as much as they used to but it makes it even better when they do.

#7 Posted by DocHaus (1973 posts) -

@flstyle: The harder part for me is spreading the word around when you haven't exactly "established" yourself in the almighty FGC, though dealing with used equipment on a budget and praying it doesn't break down during the tourney is a pretty big challenge in itself.

#8 Posted by FLStyle (5958 posts) -

@dochaus: Gotta use the power of social media! But yeah I can see how getting the word out would be a problem. What are you using as your venue?

#9 Edited by JJOR64 (19610 posts) -

<p>Wont be able to watch a lot of it, but I'll watch what I can. Infiltration for SF4. You heard it here first,</p>

#10 Posted by StaticFalconar (4919 posts) -

As much as I love me some divekick, I really think they are taking it a lot more seriously than I am at the very least. The entire concept of the game was a joke at a popular move.

btw, leave the pig in. I know that may not be the popular opinion right now, but as it stands the pig is pretty damn killer for both sides, so all it really does is increase both the risk and reward at the same time. Not something really "broken" since it could turn the battle around for both players with one fatal move.

#11 Posted by Chibithor (584 posts) -

Timezone differences mean that I'll probably go to sleep during the streams, but I can at least see the first half or something. Thanks for the post! Fighting game tournaments are always fun to watch

#12 Edited by Mezmero (2552 posts) -

Wait which King of Fighters are we talking about here? Was there recently a gritty reboot just called The King of Fighters that I didn't hear about?

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#14 Posted by thegoldencat7 (1494 posts) -

NCR is now live with SFIV pools.

#15 Posted by JJOR64 (19610 posts) -


#16 Posted by Optix12 (657 posts) -

most interested in persona 4, ive missed out on all high level matches of that game and would love to see the intricacies of it

#17 Posted by FLStyle (5958 posts) -

I have arrived home, NCR time!

#18 Posted by StarvingGamer (9810 posts) -

SFxT was hype. You walk away from a game for 8 months it's crazy the things that change.

#19 Posted by FLStyle (5958 posts) -

Damn, missed it, ah well.

P4A is up next, should be good. cc.@optix12:

#20 Edited by StarvingGamer (9810 posts) -

P4A, wtf is this game man Chie mirror, this match was made for GiantBomb

#21 Edited by Optix12 (657 posts) -

first 2 P4A games, i may be from europe and only seen quick look/ giantbomb stuff from this game but MAN is this game is CRAZY fast. Also im playing persona 3 atm and its great to see/understand the small influences from that game in here

#22 Posted by Chibithor (584 posts) -

Man, I kind of want SFxT now but I kind of don't want to pay twice the game's price to play Sakura (my SFIV main). This is also getting some of my P4A hype back for the upcoming European release.

#23 Posted by FLStyle (5958 posts) -

I approve of the variety of characters being used in SF, I've seen Blankas, Makotos, Kens and Ibukis. Good stuff.

#24 Edited by FLStyle (5958 posts) -

Getting late in UKLand, going to retire for the evening.

KOF is hype on stream 2, with none other than EVO 2012's KOF commentators.

See you tomorrow!

EDIT: Tekken Tag 2 is about to start on stream 2 and will go until the end of day 1, stream 1 will continue Marvel.

#25 Posted by D_W (1488 posts) -

Do you know if there was any body streaming the DiveKick pools?

#26 Posted by FLStyle (5958 posts) -

@d_w: It definitely wasn't on stream 1 or 2 and there hasn't been anything archived on the Iron Galaxy Twitch channel since the last Monday show. Looks like the plan was only to stream to top 8 today on Spooky's channel.

#27 Edited by FLStyle (5958 posts) -

KOF top 8 is on stream 1, SF pools are on stream 2, NCR Day 2 let's go!

#28 Edited by Chibithor (584 posts) -

I've never played KOF, but it's still great to watch. Kind of happy to see that the super long combo videos I've seen don't really happen here, I guess if you need to max every meter for them they're not that practical edit: common. Saw some pretty long ones, but they were rare enough that I liked them

Also Divekick coming up on the TeamSp00ky stream.

#29 Posted by FLStyle (5958 posts) -

Divekick Top 8 time! Let's get it on!

#30 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

Chris G killed #esports

#31 Posted by Casey25 (150 posts) -
#32 Posted by casper_ (915 posts) -

soo funny that the prize for divekick was 895

#33 Posted by FLStyle (5958 posts) -

That was some good shit, looking forward to see some of the other characters learnt too.

#34 Edited by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

What aggravated me was that every single Dive player forgot that he has a ground super, and it makes him jump forward.

So many time out losses that could have been won with a last minute ground super.

#35 Posted by Chibithor (584 posts) -

Divekick's way too fun to watch. Shame it was mostly just Dive (and Kick) but makes sense I guess. Btw, in SFxT tournaments do they just use gem presets?

#36 Posted by StarvingGamer (9810 posts) -

KoF final round OCV WHAAAAAAT



#37 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

Divekick's way too fun to watch. Shame it was mostly just Dive (and Kick) but makes sense I guess. Btw, in SFxT tournaments do they just use gem presets?

Ver. 2013 update added in 5 (?) gem presets instead of the regular 3 from vanilla, and that became tournament standard instead of having players waste 10 minutes sorting through custom sets.

#38 Posted by FLStyle (5958 posts) -

What aggravated me was that every single Dive player forgot that he has a ground super, and it makes him jump forward.

So many time out losses that could have been won with a last minute ground super.

The forwards jump was just the right length to cancel ChrisG's close range strategy too, what a shame.

Divekick's way too fun to watch. Shame it was mostly just Dive (and Kick) but makes sense I guess. Btw, in SFxT tournaments do they just use gem presets?

Correct, custom selection isn't allowed.

#39 Posted by casper_ (915 posts) -

stream monsters bum me out sometimes dude...

#40 Posted by FLStyle (5958 posts) -

A pandora kill in SFxT? Now I've seen everything.

#41 Posted by FLStyle (5958 posts) -
Meanwhile at C2E2 in Chicago, the Red Ranger's T-Rex Zord battles Lara Croft reboot in Divekick

#42 Posted by StarvingGamer (9810 posts) -

Dat Aigis

#43 Edited by StaticFalconar (4919 posts) -

After today, I want to know how much is divekick?

#44 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

Watching the P4A finals kind of made me want to pick up P4A again before realizing that it's completely fucking dead in almost every place other than California. :(

#45 Posted by Chibithor (584 posts) -

@morbid_coffee said:

Watching the P4A finals kind of made me want to pick up P4A again before realizing that it's completely fucking dead in almost every place other than California. :(

Move to Europe! We're still sort of excited. I mean, some of us are. And on second thought moving to California might be easier. Something to consider at any rate.

Does the TeamSp00ky stream look weird to anyone else? Like the contrast in-game is way high or something.

#46 Edited by FluxWaveZ (19833 posts) -

Not too into all of the top 4 in P4A being all top tier characters. No other fighting game is like that at top level play, especially going from these NorCal Regionals. It's a shame that there's a lack of variety in my favorite fighting game, especially given the fact that it's actually pretty balanced but with the top tier characters being just too good. I want a P4A2 to introduce more variety in play, among other reasons.

Also, top level competitive Melee is absolutely crazy. I have no idea why elitists try to claim it isn't a fighting game.

#47 Edited by Chibithor (584 posts) -

I love Smash Bros. Hopefully Nintendo won't be dumb with the next one, if they don't want to support a competitive scene that's fine, but to put in extra effort to discourage it is insane to me. Add in a good online mode and I'll need to get myself a Wii U. As for the stream: Jigglypuff's cool and the commentators are gasping a whole lot. edit: I think it's starting to be a bit excessive

#48 Edited by casper_ (915 posts) -

senor taxi over chris g!!!

#49 Posted by StaticFalconar (4919 posts) -

Senoir Taxi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#50 Edited by Jesna (148 posts) -

That was pretty incredible. Did not expect Chris G to get sent to losers.

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