Official EVO 2012 / 2k12 Livestream Discussion Thread (July 6-8)

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@GaspoweR: Lol yeh 6 for 6? raging demon conversion rate is pretty insane.

@ThePhantomnaut: Looking forward to your blog.

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I thought this was one of the most amazing fighting game events I have ever watched

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@ThePhantomnaut: I was wondering if maybe in this Year's Canada Cup they'll actually do another 5v5 and have one for KOF. As far as I can remember the Pre-Evo US/NA vs Korea 5v5 race to 20 had the US winning 20 to 9. Though as you said travelling expenses for bringing out the entire cafed is going yo be a bit much.

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@Commisar123: Indeed!

Here's some awesome post-EVO videos making the rounds on the internet

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I would've swapped 1 and 2 around, but otherwise a good list.

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This is the one match that didn't make it in that was one of the best matches of the weekend.

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@xSeanZx: Said Rose player must be Kensouzzang, who got 2nd in the Shadowloo Korean qualifiers

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Holy shit. Jebailey is going at it with the monthly's. It's probably going to be more local focused though so it isnt going to be as big as CEO Prime but at the very least itll give more exposure to the scene in Florida and have better chances for them to level up with the rest of the country.

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I really wanted to tell him how awesome it was that he made it, but the damned language barrier got in the way.

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Unfortunate none of the mainstream gaming sites will cover this.

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My nephew has cerebral palsy. He can only walk with braces and his motor controls aren't good enough for complex gaming. Thankfully, most normal everyday activities he can handle. It really hits me when someone like Osamu can live his dream.

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