Official EVO 2K11 Stream / Discussion Thread (29th-31st July)

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@craigbo180: I was just talking about Latiff running out of awesome sauce against Fuudo. He was close in a few matches but was never really a threat. It was ok though after that run the man is legend.
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@Rhaknar said:

did anyone catch this 8 year old kid playing Marvel yesterday, i missed this, so hype:

               seems he was eventually eliminated by ChrisG 
 Yeah Noah is the real deal. He won the rising star award too.
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Latif was able to beat Fuudo 3 straight on a race to 4 money match during the Redemption Suite stream after EVO but Fuudo still came back. The man was also drinking beer at that time too. I think Daigo was the only one I noticed who wasn't there. Must have been mad salty. Mago, Tokido, Neurosis, and Shiro all showed up for that. Mago got beat by F. Champ during their money match while using Sagat but it was close though.

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Just watched the SSFIV:AE finale, that was an incredible demonstration of spacing. No wonder I keep getting smashed...!

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