Presenting the line-up for EVO 2013 - SSBMelee Wins 8th game spot

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@Mesoian: I see where you are coming from but I think their is enough depth to melee when you focus on skillful one on one fighting to be entertaining. Both to play and to watch. Even if there are only a handful of legal stages and many of the characters are rarely used. 8 of which I can think of that are tourney viable. That may be different now a days, never payed attention to melee in a while. Which is not out of line for top tiers in fighting games. How much variety do you really see in AE? Not that much more.

To me smash has always been a game you can play however you want. I enjoy the tourney style and playing 300% sudden death matches with bumpers only. Not also competitive players look down on other styles of play. It is also a great 2 on 2 player fighter. The best their is really. How do you figure it is a terrible fighting game when you play it that way? It is just such a fun game that plays like no other out there and has hype as well.

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This is me laughing at Jeff for not considering Smash Brothers a "real" fighting game. HAHA.

Well, Jeff and the grand majority of the FGC?

Which is just silly. Because it is.

It is if you cut off access to half the game. Pro rules for Melee are ludicrous, though not as bad as Brawl's rules.

All of this. Considering that the competitive Smash community is insanely restrictive in what's allowed, it is just a bit absurd to put it on the same level as Street Fighter.

I don't see what is wrong with tweaking the rules of the game? Items and some of the stages create a random element that is counter productive to competitive play. So they are banned. Would you really want to play a match on Pokefloats when money is on the line? With items they spawn randomly. So they may spawn closer to one player giving them the advantage.

This. The random elements need to be stricken out of the game in a competitive setting. Also, its not like there aren't banned characters and such in other games.

The thing is, when you strike the random elements and every stage aside from Final Destination from the game, the version of Smash Bros. your playing is not an entertaining one. Certainly not to me, nor to a lot of others that enjoy the game at its defaults. And playing with the sorts of No Items/Final Destination players in casual settings, as I've done on occasion, is nothing but aggravating.

Yes, the random stuff in Smash makes it fun crazy excitement, but it wouldn't be viable as a competitive game with that stuff enabled. That's the secret of Smash. Underneath all of the whiz-bang party-oriented dressing lies a game with extremely strong core mechanics.

All that stripping away the items and stages from Smash does is reign in the design to put it on a level on par with Street Fighter, not below it. That's not to say that it's as elegantly balanced as SFIV is, but the same can be said for every other fighting game out there. The tiers for Super Turbo were pretty disparate, and that didn't stop it from being one of the most amazing competitive games of all-time.

I get that No Items/Final Destination is not for you, it's not for me either. That's not the relationship I have with Smash. But I'd never argue that the version of Smash I play would be viable as a competitive game for real money. I'd say the same thing if they suddenly released a version of Street Fighter with randomized environmental hazards and item drops.

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I may be a bit late to see this post, but I for one will welcome the plain desolate backgrounds and all the rule changes from the default game that I play to make melee a viable tournament worthy game. You may think I'm being sarcastic there, but that is the tournament game. It does stand that enough people were willing to put real money on the line to see this, and I'm the kind of person that would rather congratulate than ridicule.

I now just hope they can find some quality announcers that will explain why what they are doing is top level and keep it entertaining.

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@FluxWaveZ: Good to hear, they certainly made a strong impression with the charity drive. There'll be a lot to see at Evo this year, it'll be interesting to see how things turn out.

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I just want the guy from the MK9 finals commentary who says "wow" all the time to return.

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I just want the guy from the MK9 finals commentary who says "wow" all the time to return.

dudeglove plz
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They're only going to stream five games' finals on Sunday. I'm guessing SSFIV, UMvC3, SFxT, SSBM and KoFXIII. I really wanted P4A to get more exposure and hype, but at this point the best I can hope is that they don't play the finals during UMvC3 pools or whatever on another stream. :/

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They're only going to stream five games' finals on Sunday. I'm guessing SSFIV, UMvC3, SFxT, SSBM and KoFXIII. I really wanted P4A to get more exposure and hype, but at this point the best I can hope is that they don't play the finals during UMvC3 pools or whatever on another stream. :/

I think P4A and SSBM finals will be Friday, Tekken Tag 2 and Mortal Kombat finals on Saturday and SSFIV, UMVC3, SFxT, Injustice and KoFXIII on Sunday.

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@flstyle: If you're speculating, then I can't imagine they would relegate SSBM to Friday considering how much support was thrown behind it. I'd say MK9 gets a Friday slot instead. But, who knows? I hope they have those obliviously insensitive commentators from Apex 2013 for Smash. XD

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Man, that Brawl grand final match was 50 minutes without a reset. Does melee take roughly the same time? I can't see them putting that on the Sunday since even just the final match could go for almost 2 hours.

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when asked if NRS had given them money to include injustice Mr wizard said that he couldn't speak on that topic due to an NDA. does this basically confirm that NRS payed them?

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Melee is a far faster (and better) game than brawl. Brawl is a very slow paced game where keeping momentum is counter intuitive to the game design. It is smart to be defensive in Brawl. Even having 50% over someone in that game is huge. In Melee you can come back from only having one stock and your opponent all four. A lot of tech was removed from brawl which made melee faster. Such as Wavedashing, L canceling, the greatly reduced hit stun plays a big factor as well. Brawl is a boring game to watch, no hype factor.

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I think is would be an Injustice if Melee got got booted up to friday and Injustice get's the spotlight on sunday after getting shoehorned in there. Do people even like the game enough to warrant this? It seems like a small slap to the games that had to fight so hard to try and get in.

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@dolphin_butter: If it were up to me I'd definitely give the nod to the debuting games over Smash and MK.

@immortalsaiyan: Injustice is getting a lot of entrants and positivity at tournaments, but I can understand how Skullgirls and Super Turbo fans would be angered at this.

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