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1.67 stars 1.67/5 Stars Average score of 3 user reviews spread across 3 releases and 0 DLC

A boring and repetitive jaunt through Japanese video games of the past. 0

Rating: 2/5Platform: PC (Keyboard)Time to Completion: 2.5 HoursDate Completed: June 21st, 2013Thoughts: The whole schtick of this game is the evolution of the way the game looks and plays as you progress. It starts out looking and playing like Zelda for the NES and ends up at some weird mish mash of Final Fantasy 7/8/9, a simple one button spamy 3D action game, and one cave that was supposed to be Diablo for some random reason.Maybe those that have a fonder memory of the above mentioned games th...

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Interesting Artistic Concept; A Frustratingly Simple & Repetitive Game 0

The amount of random battles in this roughly 4 hour game will make you want to throw a controller at a wall, which may be why it doesn't have controller support. Actually, the ability to use a controller was added after release, but even that feature is a glitchy mess that requires a workaround to actually use. So it is.The idea behind this game is phenomenal. An adventure game that starts out like the earliest examples of the genre, with mechanics and graphics that evolve over time along with t...

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Lots of nostalgia but not much substance 0

Evoland is an RPG that's absolutely packed with nostalgia for lovers of the series. Having said the game doesn't offer anything more for the player within it's 2 hour long storyline.The game starts out with the graphics looking akin to the Gameboy-esque green LCD screen and it quickly evolves and migrates to 8bit, to 16bit and eventually 3d graphics and the soundtrack evolves in the same manner. While there are a lot of references for players of the genre to latch onto (eg your character is lite...

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