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Released as beta name Civony in April before going live as Evony. Evony is a persistent MMO where players with a medieval setting. Players must build their cities from the ground up and manage the populace and militia. After an initial one-week protection period, cities are open to attack from other players.

Due to the persistent and real time nature of the game, several structures take hours or days to build. However, players can speed up this process by buying game coins from the in-game store.

The game is probably best known for it's advertising tactics and revealing banner ads. At the start the advertised with a knight over a traditional medieval looking background. Soon however the publishers switched the knight for a princess and added the tagline "Save your lover". Over a period of a few months the females in the ad got more and more scantily clad until one ad proclaimed "Play DISCRETELY in your browser now" The final ad in the series showed nothing but a pair of boobs. Despite the ads there was nothing sexual about the game and the campaign was routinely criticized on blog and message boards for misrepresenting the nature of the game.

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