jensonb's Excite Truck (Wii) review

It's...How do I put this..? Exciting!

Excite Truck was one of the first Racing Games released for Nintendo's Wii. Based on the Excite Bike Series of days gone by, it takes a tricks and scoring-based approach, with players ranked based on the number of Stars they earn in a race by performing various stunts and so on as well as finishing position.

Since it's a Wii title, the racing is handled using motion controls, with the Wii Remote acting as a Steering Wheel - which is an experience greatly enhanced by the Wii Wheel or a third party equivalent. The trucks move at a pretty rapid pace, so the handling is somewhat forgiving. That being said, it always feels as if you are the one driving, as you struggle to maintain control of the truck as it comes barreling around a turn at god knows what speed.

To help you attain your ridiculous speed, developers Monster Games implemented a simple turbo system. Pressing on the D-Pad will provide you with a nice bit of Nitrous-infused speed. But to keep you from simply holding own the button forever, you have to keep an eye on the temperature. Driving through water instantly cools the engine and allows virtually unlimited boosting - whilst still in the water anyway.

Visually, the game is pretty impressive for a Wii Launch Title. The frame rate is absolutely rock solid and the Trucks are well rendered and very distinct from eachother. The courses are a sight to behold and the game features some impressive particle effects and beautiful water.

Excite Truck's a rock solid Wii Racing experience. It's not the kind of game anyone would call a masterpiece and, in faact, some people could find it relatively shallow. I myself love it though, it's an exhilarating and genuinely fun racing game and as far as I'm concerned fun is all that matters.

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