Excitebike World Rally Friend Codes

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Since the friend code thread on the Wii board hasn't been updated in 6 months, I thought I would make this thread.  If you have the game, post your friend code!  There are some unlockables that you have to get while playing a "Friends" match so this will help.

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My Wii is at a friend's house, so I'll leave this message here and add you guys tomorrow.  
I'd like to know who else has this game and would be excite to play some races!

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Aren't they the same as Wii codes so you don't need more than 1 set (and so make Wii's friend lists bearable)? If not, that's a disgrace, that they develop tools to allow that for games like Guitar Hero 5, yet not all their own first or second party games are updated like that yet...

Anyway, game wasn't out here on Friday after all.

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Unfortunately only have it for the NES...

#5 Posted by Emilio (3583 posts) -
add me! I want to get some of those special multiplayer skins 
#6 Posted by JJOR64 (19542 posts) -
@Emilio: I think you are two months late.  I guess I'll still add you though.
#7 Posted by Emilio (3583 posts) -
Yeah, I didn't have a TV for a while, so no TV no Wii.
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I realize I'm a little late on the boat, but looking for some friends to play with.
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Someone still playing this thing? 
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I'm on right now, if anyone is interested in playing sometime later.

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