Best Explosions in a game?

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#1 Posted by RipTheVeins (1546 posts) -

pretty self-explanatory, but what games have the most realistic, varied, and/or unique explosion effects?

this came to me when looking at the Split/Second images, all of which have some sort of pyro going on, but was just curious as to what else is out there.

#2 Posted by The_A_Drain (3977 posts) -

Any JRPG final/ultimate/super-duper attack/summon/game-specific-special-attack.

Those motherfuckers usually explode the whole solar system or some shit.

#3 Edited by NickL (2247 posts) -

i never actually owned this game personally, but i always thought mercenary 2 had some pretty sweet exsplosions

edit: i was thinking about Splosion Man when i typed this and i guess i added an extra s in on accident lol, oh well

#4 Posted by addictedtopinescent (3645 posts) -

Bad Company was pretty awesome

#5 Posted by Pantalooney (317 posts) -

I think Mercs 2 was great, the nuke blew my mind the first time i did it.

#6 Posted by Jimbo (10111 posts) -

Far Cry 2, or maybe Crysis if you like a good nuke.

#7 Edited by Kung_Fu_Viking (719 posts) -

GTA IV has pretty awesome explosions.

#8 Posted by Pie (7119 posts) -

Red Faction Guirreiala(damn spelling)

#9 Posted by natetodamax (19231 posts) -

Lost Planet or GTA IV or Bad Company

#10 Posted by Pibo47 (3166 posts) -

RF:G or Crysis...maybe KZ2.

#11 Posted by JoelTGM (5599 posts) -

F.E.A.R. with it's slow-motion shockwave explosions.

#12 Posted by Insectecutor (1207 posts) -

Godfather 2's explosions were the only good thing about that game.

#13 Posted by TMThomsen (2084 posts) -

Crysis has awesome explosions.

#14 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8609 posts) -

Mercs 2's nuke was the best part of the game, no joke. I was in awe upon seeing that for the first...and second time.

#15 Posted by freezerr (218 posts) -

Mercs 2 is cool, but the explosions in it are canned, unlike Red Faction Guerrilla's. I haven't played B:BC but I think Ryan or Jeff has mentioned it has sweet explosions.

#16 Posted by torus (1097 posts) -

Crysis, clearly.

#17 Posted by MeierTheRed (4949 posts) -

Lost Planet has some pretty nice ones

#18 Posted by clubsandwich (3795 posts) -


#19 Posted by Stephen_Von_Cloud (1530 posts) -

It's Crysis for sure.  That game is gorgeous.

#20 Posted by ImperiousRix (2963 posts) -

Most unique and LARGE explosions I can remember back in the day came from Starfox 64.
Now, I really am digging Red Faction: Guerilla's explosions.

#21 Posted by T0mF5 (929 posts) -

The nuke that goes off in CoD4.

#22 Posted by Systech (4078 posts) -

I think those nuclear-reactive explosions, not even the detonation of Megaton, in Fallout 3 are spectacular!

#23 Posted by crunchUK (5963 posts) -

You casual n00b turds, the correct answer is GOLDENEYE

#24 Posted by Marcopolo (31 posts) -

The explosion of Megaton in Fallout 3

The rocket launchers from Far Cry 2

#25 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

I thought that Mercenaries on the PS2 has some of the best explosions last gen.

Also, where's the love for 2D games? Metal Slug, yeah!

#26 Posted by FrankCanada97 (4039 posts) -

Bad Company was pretty amazing. The sound design was what made it stood out.

#27 Posted by FireBurger (1480 posts) -

I recall GRAW having really impressive explosions. The sound and look combined made it really impactful. Haven't had a rig to run Crysis though, so I can't say for sure.

#28 Posted by RipTheVeins (1546 posts) -

yeah, I dig the blue/green explosions in RF: Guerrilla

#29 Posted by Out_On_Bail (1549 posts) -

Mercs 2 had decent explosions, but nothing was better (in my opinion) than Bad Company.  Man that game rocked.

#30 Posted by Gunner612 (4338 posts) -

Crysis: warhead.. The only console game to beat it out is killzone 2 imo.

#31 Posted by SmugDarkLoser (4619 posts) -

Lost Planet.  After that it's dead rising because you's the same effect.  That being said, explosions happen a lot more and on a bigger scale in lost planet, where as only shooting a gas tank or whatever in dead rising has one.
That reminds me, we need more games like lost planet.  Arcade 3d shooters ftw!  The only other one I know of is Earth Defense Force.  

#32 Posted by bjorno (1436 posts) -

World in Conflict

#33 Posted by bjorno (1436 posts) -

as soon as I read that stupid meloncat post I remember that EDF has fucking sweet-ass explosions when giant robots die.

#34 Posted by Diamond (8634 posts) -

Best nuke : Killzone 2

Best explosions : Battlefield Bad Company

don't know why so many people are saying Crysis, explosions not the strong point...

#35 Posted by Black_Raven (1759 posts) -

Crysis has the most realistic explosions I think, but we all know realistic is "boring"...

#36 Posted by buzz_clik (7053 posts) -
#37 Posted by ConkerAndBerri2 (177 posts) -

Fallout 3. heres my favorite explosion (yes that is me in the video) my cousin is such a tard in this and whats amazing is i survive it. the explosions at 1:59

#38 Posted by Seppli (10250 posts) -
@FrankCanada97 said:
" Bad Company was pretty amazing. The sound design was what made it stood out. "
QFT - there's nothing out there, that comes close to being in a building getting hit by the arty or a mortar strike.
#39 Posted by gingertastic_10 (4141 posts) -

far cry 2 has some cool explosions. battlefield: bad company. and hell even fallout 3 had some awesome explosions

#40 Posted by fillmoejoe (1469 posts) -

GRAW 2 and COD4 when that nuke went off.

#41 Posted by Snail (8690 posts) -

Crysis had pretty sweet explosions.

#42 Posted by Sprizmo (347 posts) -

Red Faction is all about the explosions, and demolition in general.

#43 Posted by TheMustacheHero (6655 posts) -

Lost Planet.

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#45 Posted by Vigorousjammer (2548 posts) -

I'm gonna say Crysis... cause it destroys all the shit around it as well.

#46 Posted by HistoryInRust (6469 posts) -

Probably Crysis. But GTA IV is a pretty good game for explosions. 
For a long time the original Halo had the best explosions I'd seen in a game.

#47 Posted by bjorno (1436 posts) -


#48 Posted by ColMirage (257 posts) -

World in Conflict. No doubt about it.

#49 Edited by SPACETURTLE (1622 posts) -

First thing that comes to mind is GTA IV and Crysis. But having played BC2 al lot now lately I guess it has some pretty good and realistic looking explosions.
Also, World in Conflict explosions looks really sweet!

#50 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

Bad Company 2 has some badass explosions. Same with Mercs 2 (probably the best part of the game). Red Faction: Guerilla, too.
For best last-gen explosions, probably Mercenaries. Game was beautiful at the time.

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