Have you ever been in a fight?

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A few times before, however for now I do spar in martial arts very often. At least I get to wear equipment then which hurts alot less. I'm injured right now, I get the rest of this month and next month off.

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Uh, yeah? By your poll at least. If people yell back and forth, they are technically fighting.

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@AlwaysAngry: I mean a fist fight
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yeah a few times when i was a kid but since then i usually talk my way out of conflicts should one arise.

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Nothing serious, and I've never started anything myself. Like in 8th grade, some guy was being an asshole and purposely bumped me hard in the shoulder as he walked by, so I got pissed and knocked him over. Another time there was an argument at school which led to the person pushing me, so I got back up and landed a punch before people came to stop it.   Stuff like that. I don't like fighting, but if somebody attacks me first I won't hesitate to give it back to them. Whenever people want to fight for some silly reason I try to avoid it, but none of this has happened for a few years now. 

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More than one. All when I was younger, no big deal.

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i have indeed

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