Do a quicklook of this game!

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Do it!

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I'd quite like one also :o

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According to Vinny and Brad's Twitter accounts, there will be one. Tomorrow, if I recall.

EDIT: Here we are. From Brad's Twitter.

He speaks the truth. On the site tomorrow! @enemykite: Did a Quick Look of EYE with @bradshoemaker. That game looks so weird/crappy/awesome.

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Man as soon as I saw the "brother" in the quick look image I thought of Sydicate Black Ops (a similarly bonkers HL1 mod), and sure enough they totally made that too.

I imagine I'm the only one here that's played it though.

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Now do a GOODquicklook of this game!

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@Rockanomics said:

I imagine I'm the only one here that's played it though.

I remember hearing about it back in the day, but I don't think I ever got around to playing it. If I had, I'm sure I would have remembered it, especially if it is anything like E.Y.E.

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@Keenblaze: Brad did a good job with the EYE quick look for having little experience. It was entertaining at the least. I made my own quick look-like video with my cousin that played through the game with me twice--we explain the different elements of the game and give our opinions on different parts. Check it out if you'd like, it might clear up some questions you had, or you might learn some things: my playtest.

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