Starting builds

#1 Posted by atejas (3057 posts) -

What did you guys make?
Me, I rolled a terrible character, ended up rerolling a few missions in as I always do, and just set all genes to metastreumonic and kept rolling until I got everything 35-50.

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Just started playing this. I read through the stuff and took one that was accuracy, one that was endurance and one that was the mind. I'm not sure what my stats were and I didn't even see the rerolling stuff. I played the first mission and had very little trouble so I suppose I did all right.

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I really just do everything at random. Most of my points have been going into accuracy and agility since they let me buy assault rifles, but other than that I make most of my decisions on a whim. Going okay for me so far, but I'm only like three missions in. 

#4 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2661 posts) -

I honestly had no idea what I was doing and just selected a bunch of stuff, clicked roll three times, and accepted.

A few guides for this game would be exceptional.

#5 Posted by Ghost_Cat (1295 posts) -

The quick-look made this game look intimidating.  How is it so far?

#6 Posted by atejas (3057 posts) -
@Rolyatkcinmai said:

A few guides for this game would be exceptional.

Agreed. The tutorial videos are half-baked at best.
Intimidating is the right word, but it's also rewarding. Mostly.  Bugs, stupid features like random hacking deaths, and some other stuff they're going to address in the next patch(hopefully) means that you're probably better holding off for a week or two.
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@atejas: As much as I hate to say it you made the right move.  It is the only trait that gives a bonus to everything and most of them give huge penalties to something.

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