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Dense, difficult, satisfying

Offering a completely valid opinion on E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy is
difficult.  E.Y.E. is a layered, obtuse, and difficult game due in
part to the developers inability to completely flesh out some of the
game's finer points as well purposefully obfuscated lore.
Objectively, E.Y.E. is a Cyberpunk FPS/RPG hybrid akin to Deus Ex.
You have the freedom to create and play your character however you
want.  Should you choose a minigun and grenades and tackle an obstacle
with guns blazing?  Would you prefer to hack the local ATM for some
quick cash a couple of hidden sentries to do your dirty business for
you?  E.Y.E.'s driving force is due to it's cryptic nature, partly
because of a sub par translation, partly due to the game literally,
purposefully, not making sense.  The overall theme is one of amnesia
and coming to grips with who you are and why.  Nothing is ever
revealed to you directly, level progression is non linear, and only
through careful attention will the story become clear.  Sadly, at the
time of this writing, no one has discovered the one "true" ending to
E.Y.E., and despite it's flaws (many of which have been patched out),
myself and many other players continually return to the world of New
Eden, piecing together information gained in a foreign world,
propelled into missions without any underlying information, torn
between two factions without clear consequences, and hearing unknown
languages.  E.Y.E.'s world is delicately crafted, imposing, and once
you've spent some time in it's universe you, the player, may even
begin to feel like you've lost your memory.

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Posted by sirdesmond

I really need to get this game. I love these kind of odd Euro-titles that we get occasionally that have that strange atmosphere created not so much from the game design but just from the difference in language and culture and the offset caused by a bit of sub-par translation.

Posted by sheeeeeeep

You should! It goes on sale very cheap very often! It's worth it for the weirdness alone.

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