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EyeToy: Kinetic Combat is the sequel to EyeToy: Kinetic. It was released in Europe in November of 2006, but was never released in North America. It is a fitness game for the PlayStation 2 focused around the martial art of Hung Gar kung fu. The game requires an EyeToy camera with a special 'Full Vision Lens' that attaches on the front of the device.

The main mode of the game is the Personal Trainer mode which is a 16-week program of training involving learning the basic kung fu movements, increasing endurance and strength, developing agility and balance, and tai chi-style relaxation. During the program, a series of exercises is assigned to particular days of the week, with the duration, difficulty and frequency of the activities increasing during the program.


The different styles of training in EyeToy: Kinetic Combat are divided into various zones based around animals

  • Dragon: Learning the various principals and movements of Kung Fu with Leon in martial arts sequences.
  • Tiger: Exercises utilising Kung Fu to increase strength and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Mantis: Engage in movements requiring delicate movements and coordination.
  • Phoenix: A mode bringing all of the techniques, endurance and strength from the other modes together in a fight against a virtual opponent.
  • Chi Kung: Relaxation involving deep breathing, massage and muscular preperation exercises.

In total, EyeToy: Kinetic Combat includes over 25 hours of interactive classes, and more than 70 music tracks in various genres including breaks, house, hip hop and electro.

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