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166499 DeF New Release 03/11/15 12:20PM 7 Approved
151829 DeF Game Releases 12/29/14 05:53AM 30 Approved
151096 DeF New Release 12/23/14 03:43AM 7 Approved
151095 DeF New Release 12/23/14 03:42AM 7 Approved
151094 DeF Game Releases 12/23/14 03:41AM 15 Approved
138021 InfiniteSpark Game Overview *Fixed info on total cars (34, not 30). *Fixed info on unlocking platinum up. *Updated track with bonus track on time attack mode. 09/24/14 05:10PM 18 Approved
136933 InfiniteSpark Game Overview *Added "second" versions of track under Grand Prix section. *Rewrote training mode section. 09/19/14 09:06PM 17 Approved
136032 InfiniteSpark Game Overview *Fixed sentence under gameplay section. 09/14/14 06:12PM 1 Approved
135966 InfiniteSpark Game Overview *Missed header format. 09/14/14 08:53AM 1 Approved
135965 InfiniteSpark Game Overview *Edited grand prix info about gold and platinum cup. *Added one more gold up and platinum cup courses under race courses. 09/14/14 08:52AM 23 Approved
135892 InfiniteSpark Game Overview *Rewrote header wiki page summary. 09/13/14 03:18PM 6 Approved
135886 InfiniteSpark Game Overview *Rewrote and trimmed overview section. *Completely rewrote gameplay section to have basic gameplay and game modes. *Added race course section. 09/13/14 01:49PM 70 Approved
96474 DeF New Release 03/27/14 03:52PM 7 Approved
96472 DeF Game Overview 03/27/14 03:50PM 15 Approved
8565 ZombiePie Game Overview 02/25/13 11:50AM 46 Approved
8486 Hulabaloon Game Overview Sadly one of the biggest f-zero fansites ( shut down recently. I'm transferring a lot of the F-Zero Articles I wrote and uploaded while I was on the F-Zero staff team at the time (circa 2007), so it can still exist somewhere on the internet. 02/25/13 06:49AM 44 Approved

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