F1 2010 PC Bug

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Hi, I bought F1 2010 the day it was released and for a long time I played the game pretty good. The last month though, when I play, suddently the framerate falls (from about 35 to 10). I noticed that when I press Alt - Esc, when I resume the game, the framerate is high again. Any idea why is this happening? I have the same prob with dirt2 too.  Thanks... 

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I've had all sorts of weird issues with slowdown on Codemasters racing games. The slowdown is really weird too.. it's not your usual "skip a few frames" slowdown, but more of a "drive in slow-mo for a bit".

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I contacted Codies and they told me several solutions. Finally I found that it was a(or several) startup program(s). I followed the steps at  http://www.codemasters.com/codem/selective-startup.php and I disable all my startup programs and everything is fine now. Now I am trying to find which program is(or are) the problem. 
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Also Try Game Booster (Google It). It helps a lot

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