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If only it were FREE for Everyone

Where do i Begin, Fable 2 Pub Games has to be one of the worst games available on XBLA, and has the title says "if only it where FREE..." not only is this one of the most absurdly priced games at 800 MP. It is also one of the more disgusting thing Microsoft has done to its loyal fans, Pub Games is a cheaply made cash in on a popular first party game. Of course fans will want to buy it since it allows u to get a leg up on the game months before the review and  it does have some rewards, not only can u make money for your future Fable 2 character but u can also make sure he is in debt almost immedialty after starting the game. Yes u can make money but if u lose to many times in any of the three games u start to aquire debt which u can choose to pay off with you r winnings or complety ignore.

Pub Games consits of three diffreant casino based games with a twist,  Keystone similar to Roulette, Spinner Box which is literally Slots, and Fortunes Tower a solitare like game which in truth is quite addictive. All the games are based on Luck, and only Fortunes Tower has some sort of strategy, and that only knowing when to pull out (try to resist any sexual innuendos). So not only are all the games based on Luck but theres no clear way to get better, take Spinner Box for example the only control you have over it is to press "A" when u want to spin and then to stop sonner you press "A".  You end up pressing "A" about a hundred times with almost no results worth getting excited about.

Though there is a bright side to all this each Tournament u enter 5 for each game a total of 40 items can be earned to also be given to your character upon getting Fable 2 some of these items range from Haircut card to a trick to teach your dog (w00t w00t), seriousness the last three items for each of the tournaments seems pretty cool theres a pistol, a cutlass sword, and a mysterious ring.

Well after this long rampage about how big a rip-off this game is and how you will most likley enter Fable 2 in dept than as a Rich adventurer as many people believe,you should at least find comfort in knowing you'll have your Haircut Card.

FINAL VERDICT: Dont Buy Fable 2 Pub Games, if you intend to pre-order Fable 2 do so now and you will be given a redemption code for the Pub Games for FREE that the only justified way to own this horrific cash-in product.

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