kingbroly's Fable II Pub Games (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Giving 800 points a bad name

When announced, Fable II Pub Games was teased as an in-game feature to Fable II, but quickly turned around as an Xbox Live Arcade game so players could start their journey in Albion in the life of luxury.  This, however is not so easy as the games are built entirely on luck, and anytime you earn money, it isn't a lot and takes a long time to accumulate.

There are 3 games in Pub Games, Fortune's Tower, Keystone and Spinnerbox, and only the first seems to be the most thoughtout one of the bunch as it is the easiest to earn money in since you can actually control your fate to a degree.  I say to a degree because when you burn a 2 card, your gate card will replace that 2 with another 2 or the 1 right next to the 2 in the upper row, ending your game in the same way.  Keystone is a dice game, forcing you to make at least one bet, and the odds are always heavily stacked in your favor, although you can win money if stay minimalist about the whole thing.  Spinnerbox, however is the worst of the bunch, as you have no control except the amount of money you bet.  The odds aren't as against you as in Keystone, but the random factor makes it a bit more frustrating.  You can also compete in tournaments in thse games against computer opponents, and placing in the top 5 in each of the 15 tournaments will net you an item for Fable 2, but good luck getting them.  You can also unlock concept art from the game by playing a lot.

For 800 points, Fable II Pub Games is the worst value on Xbox Live Arcade except maybe for Yaris, showing no value to anyone who isn't interested in Fable II, and even then you should only get Pub Games if you pre-order Fable II, which should give you a free redemption code for the game.  If you paid 800 points for this game, you only have yourself to blame.


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