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Im Scared

Belive me when I say I am a HUGE Fable fan i must have played the original about 11 times now it gets better every time.When I heard about fable 2 i couldent belive it my favourite game was back so I preorded it as you would if you were me .Anyway however I dident get a code to get pub games for free (I preorded the bonus content version maybe that was it i dont know exactly) so anyway i thought i should have the full Fable 2 package so i did the unthinkable i bought pub games so anyway to cut a long story short i now hate peter molyneux and i have harsh doubts that Fable 2 will fix the hate for lionhead in general THANKS PUB GAMES!!


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    Don't waste your time 0

    The Pub Games are very unique in the fact that you can transfer gold earned in them to your Fable 2 character, once the game arrives.   The only problem with that is there is only one game, Fortune's Tower, that can earn you money.   Hopefully, you didn't pay the $10 in MS points to purchase this game and got it for free with your $10 reserve at Gamestop.   If you did pay for the game, I truly feel sorry for you.   The game comes packed with 3 shallow, and rather boring, "games of chance" that y...

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