Anyone free to help with Doll Catcher tonight?

#1 Posted by Midgar (41 posts) -

Hey anyone with all the dolls free to help with the doll catcher tachievment? I am about 5 away from S ranking Fable II so I just need help with that one. XBLA - Cyrus357 send me a friend request if I can hop in your game. 
Thanks for the help! 

#2 Posted by valentin_rad (85 posts) -

I really want to get 100% in Fable 2, please send a friend request to idreamofpixels 
I'm currently silver but I'll buy gold membership just to get this achievement!!!

#3 Posted by JTlag (1 posts) -
I only need a Lucien doll, if anyone has one I can trade a reaper, garth, teresa or hero for it
#4 Posted by valentin_rad (85 posts) -

Come on guys, will no one help me with this achievement?

#5 Posted by wickedgame69 (74 posts) -

I've got the Garth doll. Picked it up from the shooting range. Willing to trade for Hammer or Lucion.
hit me up on xboxlive my tag is: wickgame69

#6 Posted by wickedgame69 (74 posts) -

I've got a Teresa and Garth doll to trade for Lucien and Hammer
#7 Posted by Unwritten Duck (15 posts) -
@wickedgame69: If you're willing to hold onto fable 2 for a while I'll need help with this achievement in the future.
#8 Posted by wickedgame69 (74 posts) -

I just got the game so I'll be holding on to it for awhile. my gamertag is wickgame69
#9 Posted by Unwritten Duck (15 posts) -
@wickedgame69:  Okay thanks, my gamertag is: Unwritten Duck. I'll send a friend invite.

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