Completionist & Dollcatcher Help

#1 Posted by IronDynamo (20 posts) -

can anyone hook me up with the completionist and the dollcatcher achievements? i didnt buy Pub Games, and dont plan on it so i cant get that last expression, and as for dollcatcher...well you know the story. can anyone help me out?

#2 Posted by ValkyrieGoddess (1928 posts) -

If you buy the Fable 2 See the Future DLC you will get the expressions that you would have got from the Pub games.

#3 Posted by IronDynamo (20 posts) -

oh alright. i already have See The Future downloaded, but i didnt realize that book he gave me was for the expression, but i have it now so thanks! However, im still looking for the dollcatcher achievement, anyone?

#4 Posted by drizztTheStealthy (3 posts) -

#5 Posted by drizztTheStealthy (3 posts) -

i have been having issues finding the dog trick growl also If u need feign attack expression u will have to do the puppet show on the fable 2 site.

#6 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

I'm looking for some dolls as well, currently I only have Hammer and two Reavers, if anyone feels like hooking up and exchanging some of them, my gamertag is AzteckSpartan.

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