#1 Posted by OphliaHuntress (88 posts) -

Ok. I am working on the quest where I have to enter the crucible and I have gotten to the hall with the weapons vendor just before the actual fighting part. How do I progress?

#2 Posted by Gnat (85 posts) -

you talk to that one guy in front of the door

#3 Posted by HiroSeven (215 posts) -

I recall having a similar problem in actually entering the crucible.

I think you'll need to talk to a few people in the room before you can enter, but yeah like the above poster said; you have to talk to the receptionist or doorman to get in. Not to sure if there is an initial quest you'd have to do before entering either.

Sorry, I hope that was helpful, have been away from the game for a while now. T_T

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