DLC in Games on Demand version?

#1 Posted by Getz (3490 posts) -

So I thought I was getting an alright deal with Fable II from games on demand because it's the Platinum Hits version which is supposed to have the two DLCs (See the Future and Knothole Island) without having to drive around trying to find a copy or ordering online. However, I booted it up and played through several hours only to find no starting points for the DLC parts. Nothing in the quest log, nothing in Bowerstone. The listing in Games on Demand is extremely misleading considering it says Platinum Hits right there on the damn box-art. Am I wrong? Is the DLC there and I'm just an idiot, or did I just waste my money?

#2 Posted by Raakill (850 posts) -

The Knothole island DLC adds a guy with a submarine at the docks in Bowerstone, and the magic peddler from the intro levels with other artifacts for the See The Future DLC also on the docks. If they aren't there you got jacked.

#3 Posted by Getz (3490 posts) -

Yeah, I most definitely got jacked. Let this be a warning to everyone out there; you can get Fable II with the DLC included at retail for the same price as the GoD version.

#4 Posted by Meltac (2001 posts) -

Isn't the DLC to pop up after you've completed the game? Or am I remembering it wrong?

#5 Posted by Getz (3490 posts) -

nah, it's there as soon as you download it. I downloaded the free versions of the DLC, just on a hunch and sure enough they popped up down in the bowerstone docks. Only I couldn't access the areas without buying the premium versions. So basically I need to pay another 17 dollars if I want to play them. Fuck. That.

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