Does anyone know?

#1 Posted by TomA (2787 posts) -

Does anyone know where Captain Dread's 10 treasures are,i found 7,are they all on the island or what.

#2 Posted by Webby (720 posts) -

Wait.. I might have just been talking to you. Lol

er anyway go in the water and you can swim out a little (the first bit of water)
1 inside the 1st broken ship
but they are all around there just go through and keep your eyes open because they are not that easy to spot. Also theres 1 behind one of the waterfalls. The others are hard to explain
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One that may be hard to notice is out in the ocean to the left of the ship you came on. Just keep going as far away from the boat as you can to the left of it (if you're facing out into the ocean) and on the island will be a small beach with rocks around it (with barrels and boxes floating in front of it) with a chest.

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1st on the beach inside the broken ship
2nd out in the water on a little jetty near the floating barrels and such
3rd jump to the left at the to pof the hill to ledge about halfway down
4th follow the wall around and find it behind the waterfall.
5th Behind the tree in the middle island
6th Buried in the middle island
7th Dive spot just off the middle island
8th Behind the breakable wall
9th hop down one level
10th hop down turn right, chop bushes, hop down, on the deck of the ship.

Enjoy:)  and don't forget the silver key off to the right before to hit the breakable door.

#5 Posted by TomA (2787 posts) -

Thanks all,I managed to find them after some more searching:)

#6 Posted by Mrk (2 posts) -

im stuck i have 9 of the 10 treasures and i dont have a dog so will that affect me in any way

#7 Posted by Webby (720 posts) -

Yea I dont think you will be able to do it.

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