Executioner achievement

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Hi guys, i am new to this website. I love fable 2, and i was wondering if anyone would help me get the executioner achievement, since i cant get it. I helped the temple of light so it's rather difficult for me to get it. If anyone is close to getting this, please let me know. I know that this achievement is rather common, but what can i say, i went all out good and i am paying a toll fee. Thanks again. GT: Saad Omar Earth

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you need to choose the evil alignment. if you are too far off in the game to do this, you may need to start a new character and make a separate save. This would take about 2 hours to do. You do the main quest from the beginning until about the troll mission where you attempt to rescue a boy and his father. After the mission I think ther should be a temple further down off the road called the temple of shadows. you must sacrifce and eat virgin chickens to get in. when in, do the mission and have some poor saps follow you back to the temple and do your business.

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@REDRUN: Thanks a bunch for your help. I know how to get the achievement, i just dont wanna have to reroll a second time just to go through this process. Thanks though.

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