Fable 2 shipping without Online co-op

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Well, that's one largely hyped feature absent. I personally don't care but It's certainly not the best thing to see with the games impending release.

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What does this say about all the other promised features about the game? Something tells me this game is going to come out unfinished.

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It's supposed to be patched in soon after release, so it's not that big a deal, but it's still weird. I'm no expert on video game development, but can't they just spend an extra week or two working on getting it onto the disc and have the game actually ship with one of its most documented features?

Oh wait, Peter Molyneux...

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Getting it soon after the game's release is better than getting a rushed and broken Co-op.

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Features being cut
Peter Molyneux
Still, I don't care about co-op, so it's not too bad.
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I thought PM said Fable was 'finished' at E3. Oh, right, PM, I forgot, your mouth runneth over.

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Good.  It will give me time to get a good head start on single player before my mates pop round and murder my family.

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Hopefully its patched not to long after release.

Its strange though. Peter said this game was done back at e3.

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I heard about this yesterday. I don't mind if they're holding it back to make sure it works perfectly and they'll patch it in when it's ready...but if it turns into some kind of DLC we have to pay for; I won't be happy at all.

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I think its just a lot of bullshit that one of the games main features and reasons to get it is the online co-op and it isn't even coming at launch. Looking at Bad Company, Conquest mode was supposed to be patched in the week of launch, it was over a month late...I just see that happening with Fable also. I don't think they should of even mentioned it in the first place and just surprised people if they weren't going to have it ready.

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Wow. That's just stupid.

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At first this news sounded terrible, but when you consider how long Castle Crashers has been out without a patch to fix online, i'd much prefer it if Lionhead held this feature back and got it sorted for a week or two later. The only thing though, is this makes me doubt a lot of other aspects of the game considering the game was meant to be 'gold' several months ago.

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I honestly couldnt give a flying fuck about that co-op shit, Fable 2 is a solo game and the fact that they left it out all the better.

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As long as it IS coming eventually, I don't mind.

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"its coming on the first week after the games out."

Good, it'll give the time to finish up single player
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This isn't that bad at all, this just gives everyone a week to play through and experience the single player campaign before online co-op comes out. Did anyone really want a friend doing half the story missions for them in the first place? id much prefer playing by my self and getting a handel on the world before having a friend come in.

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Raiden36O said:
". Did anyone really want a friend doing half the story missions for them in the first place? ."
Yes. Yes I did.

And while it's not a huge setback for me personally, it deeply tarnishes any respect I had for Lionhead as a development studio. Just as someone wrote in a random GameInformer I was reading at a doctor's office, "developers seem to be using patches as excuses to ship half-baked games with an I O U attached". Seriously. If you're not going to put it out finished, with one of the hugest bullet-point features, don't put it out at all.

The real question is, will review scores reflect this? IGN tends to give any game (regardless of arguable quality) a much lower score than people think it deserves when it doesn't have promised features (rightly so); GameSpot, a place I try to frequent only if I want my soul ripped out, doesn't seem to have this policy, but who knows how many money-hats they've taken from Microsoft for this game. And nobody in their right minds cares about 1UP, who will probably come way out of left field and give it an F- to get Ziff Davis some viewers.

It shall be fun to observe.
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Knowing Kevin Van Ord, he'll end up wanting to not review the game until the patch is released.  Or if he does review the game, he'll review it as is, and if a big bullet point featuring online co-op is on the back of the box consumers are buying, points will be docked for it.  It won't kill Fable 2 for anyone who was looking forward to it, but it does have the potential to harm the critical reception of the game, and forward the idea that too many developers are shipping half baked games out "with an I.O.U note" attached.  But at least it's an online function, so it's not like people without live are being borked out of something they expected, now THAT would just kill the game, but it isn't the case.  It sucks, sure, but it's not the end of the world.  The internet just tends to really like giving Peter M a hard time, and this is just a convenient excuse for everyone to keep doing exactly that.  For most every other game coming out any time soon, this wouldn't be drawing half so much heat.

But it's a Peter M game.

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It might get a slightly lower score, but then the game is made for the fans to enjoy, not for the critics to rate. If its a huge issue for someone and you wish it had been delayed to include it at launch, then buy it a week after it launches, you'll have your online co-op as soon as you play and be none the wiser. The rest of us will be able to play through and experience the world of fable II on the release date...

 Content with waiting just a week to experience it with friends, while lionhead get online working perfectly.

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