Fable II for only $40 at circuitcity.com

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But you need to follow these steps. And I don't think this works in Firefox... I used Internet Explorer.

Copied from Slickdeals:

I've verified this works. If it doesn't work the first time try again.

1. If you use a tabbed browser you will have to close the entire browser during step 5. If its a windowed browser you can leave this window open and visit CC in a different window. You will only have to close the CC window when instructed.
2. Go here: http://slickdeals.net/?sduid=98294&sdtid=963209&sdfid=9&u2=http://www.circuitcity.com/ccd/home.do?Key=962462&ep_rid=(+PROFILE(%27email_addr%27,%22,%22)+) to apply 10% off coupon in a new window
3. Add game/s to cart
4. Proceed to billing information screen.
5. Close window/browser depending on step 1.
6. If using a windowed browser open a new window and copy and paste the following link, if using a tabbed browser restart the browser(closed entirely in step 5) and copy and paste this link: http://www.circuitcity.com/ccd/home.do?Key=962462&ep_rid=(+PROFILE('email_addr',",")+)
7. If you see the gift card on the right side still, close the window again and recopy this URL.
8. Once you don't see the gift card in your cart, Click checkout from the main screen.

For me, the total cost came out to $43 and change, tax included. It took a few tries, but it eventually went through. The free standard shipping will supposedly get you the game over a week after you order it, but still... If the orders aren't canceled, this is a great deal.
edit: I forgot to mention, this should also work for the limited edition. And Wii Music. But I know none of you want Wii Music. Right? >_>

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