Fable II Knothole Problems

#1 Posted by Tylea002 (2382 posts) -

I deliberately held off going too far into Fable before I got the Knothole pack, and so downloaded it while I was rather early on in the game. Quite quickly I did the first Knothole quest, then after I emerged spending 10 years away, I did the second one. The 3rd quest (Knothole Island Drowning) still has not triggered, and I'm just about to start the quest "The Cullis Gate." I've got a lot of Renown, so I don't think thats the problem, but can anyone explain why that quest has not shown up in my list, nor is the dude I'm supposed to talk to in his little hut.

Have I not met the requirements to unlock it, but I'd thought there wouldnt be any, considering I payed for it.

#2 Posted by granderojo (1897 posts) -

Have you met all the heros, the last quest didn't ding for me until I met the pirate hero.

#3 Posted by Tylea002 (2382 posts) -

Strange, it just unlocked after me arriving at Bloodstone. I can see why they'd have designed it that way, but it confuses me, as I did pay for it. But oh well, I can do it now, along with a million other quests that suddenly opened up.

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