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I'm finally playing Fable II. I wanna have the best experience possible, so is it more fun and immersive if I dont cheat the money, or will having the money help the combat and make it more fun that way. 
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d0nt ch34t, y0u w1ll ru1n 1t.

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Money is never a problem in Fable II. Just buy some of the markets in the big city and poof... money drops in. Even when you're not playing the game.

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@Von: Yeah it gets easy to come by money fairly quickly.  I think one of my characters have something like 30million gold on them, and I havent been on him in a while too so that might be another couple mil (I forget what the cap off is while not playing).   
As for the topic, I wouldnt worry about money and just work with what you come by.  As Von said start buying the cheap markets in Bowerstone and work your way up.  Before you know it you will be getting a grand or so every few minutes.  By the end of it you'll be earning like 18-20k ever couple minutes.  It grows pretty fast.
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@Rio said:
" (I forget what the cap off is while not playing).  "
I think it's around 600,000. I just turned the game on for the first time in a very long time a few days ago, and I got a little more than 600,000 gold. I expected more. :(
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@JJWeatherman: Huh, I'm fairly sure I've gotten at least 1 mil from being away.  I believe the cap is a certain number of days rather than a fixed amount of gold.  So a character thats earning more gold over time will earn more gold total while away.  In any case it doesnt really matter because gold becomes pointless pretty fast lol.  Cant wait for Fable 3 though, I'm pretty damn excited at this point.

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