Finished Fable II, Thoughts on Dead Space, etc...

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Yes, I beat it. This is my first RPG to ever beat. Shocking? It shouldn't be. I'm not an RPG person, and they tend to drag on for way too long with padded gameplay. Fable II does not. It let's you play more if you want, but it's completely up to you. Over the course of my Fable II time, I received 3 STDs (probably during the group sex I had), 4 families (one which ended by me killing my wife), and owning the entire town of Bowerstone and Bowerstone Old Town. Owning both of those towns, along with a few other things along the way netted me over 5,000 gold every five real world minutes. I'd have to say I was pretty accomplished. I guess you could say I loved the game. I'm still not done with it, but I probably won't touch it for a while. More games continue to come out, and I only have so much time to spread around.
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You can send me Dead Space if you dont want it. :)

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i just took the sex change potion

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I rented fracture and took it back the same day. I liked deadspace, IM on chapter 10 but stopped to play fable2 and Little big planet. I will go back and beat it but will never play it again. Its a good game but something about it is off. I get bored with it easy, I felt the same way with bioshock. Fable2 is awesome but really I think the game lacks polish.

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yea i was kinda disappointed with fable2 it was short at easy.

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i took that potion
it was funny at first, but now when i invite friends my character is  a chick
i wish i could turn back time...

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