Gender changing potion

#1 Posted by Disclaim3r (116 posts) -

Lol. Has anyone else tried this?

I tried it, and as promised, my dude turned into a chick. Sorta. The problem is, I think it only changes your face and makes your hips wider, because "she" still has the general characteristics of a dude (Broad shoulders, muscular, etc.). It's really strange looking.

#2 Posted by Duffman (208 posts) -

I tried it on my evil character, and it didn't work so well...

He, er she, just has a chick face, voice, and chest, but the basic "manly" physique is still there.  One thing I did like was that the horns turn upside down.  Other than that, if I put on highway man clothes and a bandit mask,,I really can't tell the difference.

#3 Posted by Origina1Penguin (3506 posts) -

I tried it, not knowing it would autosave as soon as I did :P

"She" was definitely way too buff, so I sold off the experience levels in physique back to level one.  It made "her" less muscular, but still very odd looking.

I still need to start as a female character to see if you get an off looking female no matter what.

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