Halo Energy Sword in Fable 2

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I stumbled across this video on youtube today which shows what looks like the energy sword from halo as a usable weapon in fable II. I dont care too much about this since i probably wont use it (dont play fable to play halo) but i thought it was interesting. Who knows might be able to dress your hero up in master chief armor lol.


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thats dumb

#4 Posted by myslead (947 posts) -

fits with the master chief equipment lol

#5 Posted by Snail (8770 posts) -

I think it is just similar. :/

#6 Posted by MattyFTM (14599 posts) -

I don't think it is supposed to be a halo energy sword, they just look a bit similar. Here is a comparison:


The Fable one has a normal sword handle, and comes to a point at the end, the Halo one has two blades that do not come together, and has a weird funky futuristic handle. The shape is vaguely similar, but I'm sure Halo wasn't the first time that general shape was used for a sword.

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Assuming this is real I'm hoping it's a deliberate nod to Halo, but it does look quite a bit like plagrism on the developers part.

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Pretty damn stupid.

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It IS the energy sword by the way. You get that and Minstral Chief armour with the limited editon copy of the game.
And i'm so gonna be wearing/using them! :D

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thats pretty good

this game is going to rock
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Hitchenson said:
"It IS the energy sword by the way. You get that and Minstral Chief armour with the limited editon copy of the game.
And i'm so gonna be wearing/using them! :D"
Actually you get that super-awesome cutlass with the game (seperate from the Minstrel Chief armor), but this sword comes with minstrel chief, so I've heard.
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No doubt that is an energy sword. I think that's pretty sweet just like how MGS4 had the Altair costume. I hope there are other nods to games in Fable 2.

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I'm a bit disappointed that it's not identical to the Halo sword, but it's close enough. I wonder how you obtain it. Surely you don't just find an alien sword in your local shop?

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Am I looking at Soul Calibur IV?

#15 Posted by HoNgKoNgPh0oEy (1476 posts) -
Rowr said:
"thats dumb"

yeah it is really dumb kinda puts you out of the game for a second when you can dress up like master chief and have a energy sword just go play halo.
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its in the limited edition,
several sites have confirmed this

#17 Posted by Nemesis (330 posts) -

It really doesn't fit the game, and seems like  a cheap cash in. Fortunately I'm probably getting the regular edition.

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