Help on The Archaeologist quest.

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What does the note say? I did the first one as well but never went to get to get the next note.

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The note says something about a dark chapel over looking the seas or something.

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i forget the name of the area. Its in the darker coastal area, where the mining gear is all strewn around. Your dog will lead you to the top of a cliff.

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For those still looking, I saw a list of all the locations on the gamefaqs forum. You just zone into the area and the dog will sniff it out. There are some spoilers ahead.

Can only get the first three as a young adult:

1) Bowerstone old town
2) Rookridge
3) Bowerstone Cemetery

Can only get the next six in Adulthood (Before the Spire):

4) Oakfield
5) Bower lake
6) Brightwood
7) Bandit Coast
8) Westcliff
9) Gemstone Grotto

Can only get the next three in Adulthood (After the Spire):

10) Wraithmarsh
11) Bloodstone
12) Guild Cave

Can only get the next one after Defeating Lucien and returning from the Spire a second time:

13) Reaver's Rear Passage

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where is gemstone grotto

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I didn't know at first either, so I just searched it and found an answer on yahoo answer haha

quote from the answer:

I found and it and since descriptions can be annoying if you don't know points of reference (like - it is right next to the Temple of Shadows) so I got a map from ign and boxed the grotto in a red rectangle and uploaded it to imageshack.

so yeah... it's near hobbe cave
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what location is that in?

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gem stone grotto is where you dive off the brige on your way to oakfield except when you swim you don't go on the shore (make a left). It's right under the Temple Of Shadows.

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man this is soo kewl i about to finish the quest!!!! at last thanks guys you have been a real help (on the last one not the others i figured them out on my own cuz i rock lolz!)

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And what do you get for finding all 12 of these things?

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a gem worth 100k is you sell it or 50k if you give iot to the lady

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Someone needs to put a guide up with all of the quests with the note descriptions, not effing numbers. I haven't been keeping track of how many I did, and its been ages since the last one I did, and I've looked every damn place I could. The one thats in a place I've already looked, a cave by the sea, anyone know where that is? I've gone to like, every cave/dungeon/whatever and can't find the bugger.

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