Hero Doll Trading Thread

#1 Posted by Zaapp1 (691 posts) -

Post here with your gamertag and what hero doll you have/can get in your realm.  Then you can trade with other people and we can all get achievements, huzzah!

I'll start, I've got Reaver in my realm, so if you've got something other than Reaver, send me a message and we can hook up a trade.  My gamertag is Zaapp1.  Thanks

P.S. For those who don't know, you can get your hero doll by getting 2nd prize at the shooting contest in Westcliff.  Aim for the head and look for repeated pop-ups (targets that come right back up after hitting them, random).

#2 Posted by Webby (720 posts) -

I already have all the achievements but I can keep winning Garth dolls if anyone needs it.

#3 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2916 posts) -

I'll try the shooting range tomorrow and post back here.

#4 Posted by AimingWandersly (180 posts) -

i was wondering how to get them, if i remember to do it, i'll check to see what doll i can get in my game tonight and trade with anyone who needs it tomorrow.

my gt is the same as my giantbomb username

#5 Posted by AimingWandersly (180 posts) -

i have hammer's and i could use everything, but lucien especially. cheers,

#6 Posted by Lies (3985 posts) -

I have Reaver, and I'll trade for anything that is not Hammer or Garth.

#7 Edited by TempoDeath (4 posts) -

I've got reaver .. need the rest

GT same as giant bomb username
#8 Edited by Zaapp1 (691 posts) -

now looking for garth or lucien, can trade reaver

#9 Edited by TheGTAvaccine (2916 posts) -

Heh, I have Reaver as well. Need everything else.

GT is Drpwnage

#10 Posted by Kazona (3240 posts) -

I have Garth, looking for all the others.

GT is Kazonaa

#11 Posted by Kazona (3240 posts) -

I now have Garth and an extra Reaver one, so if anyone wants to trade against any of the other dolls just drop me a PM or hit me up on XBL.

#12 Posted by djmikeradio (2 posts) -

I'm not sure how to get the dolls and what doll(s) I have, but I do want to unlock the achievement.

My gamertag is ufcmike1

Thank you!

#13 Posted by Ronin1182 (2 posts) -

I have lucien and an extra garth. i would be willing to trade either of these for a theresa or hammer doll. gt is Ronin1182

#14 Posted by aYcbiggz (2 posts) -

hey will someone trade me a reaver doll im online now so add me gt is aYc biggz

#15 Posted by t67443 (106 posts) -

I have 4 Reaver dolls and I'm looking for Teresa, Garth, Lucian and Hammer dolls. Send me a message on here or at my gt at T67443.

#16 Posted by FlappyHands (2944 posts) -

Hey people's I have some Lucien Dolls up for grabs I have none of the others so it would mean a great deal for me to get hold of them. My gamertag is the same as my user here: Meltbrain.

#17 Posted by FlappyHands (2944 posts) -

I now have 1 spare Hammer doll and multiple Lucien dolls. Really need a Garth and Reaver doll so if you want to trade hit me up on XBL or GiantBomb ASAP.

#18 Posted by ShogunSupremacy (161 posts) -

I have 2 and Im willing to trade them, I have no clue what they are they might be garth and hammer, its been a long time since I have played the game.

GT ShogunSupremacy

#19 Edited by Hammerface (43 posts) -

Looking to trade Garth dolls for Lucien and Hammer dolls
GT is hammerface80

#20 Posted by ZombieKitty (122 posts) -

I have Thersea and another one I can't remember. I am willing to trade and give right back. You can keep your dolls. This is the only achievement I don't have. Contact me if you want to meet up and trade-  xbox gamertag- z0mbiekitty

#21 Posted by Rinkalicous (1362 posts) -

What we should do is give all 6 to one guy, and then trade round those 6 until everyone has the achievement.

That being said, i have a Garth Doll and my tag is Rinkalicous (make sure you spell it right). 
#22 Posted by Vaancor (258 posts) -

So far I've only got Garth, would love to get a hold of the others. Isn't there one of you, just in heart boxers like Fable 1? I keep getting told there's one in a shop but I can never find the blasted thing.

#23 Posted by conorm1557 (2 posts) -

i reeeeeeeeeelllly want a garth doll so if someone wants to trade for a hammer my GT is cjthewolf thanks

#24 Posted by Hitchenson (4708 posts) -

Right, I really, really need a Hammer doll. I have every other doll, and can get people the Completionist in return. Please help! This is my last achievment I need and I'll have 1350G 66/66 off of Fable II!

#25 Posted by Time_Lord (792 posts) -
Hitchenson said:
Right, I really, really need a Hammer doll. I have every other doll, and can get people the Completionist in ... [more]
I have the hammer doll what dolls do you have ?
#26 Edited by UrbanGuerilla (114 posts) -

Have:2x Garth dolls
Need: Hammer and Lucien
Gamertag is Crayt. Anyone got Hammer or Lucien in their worlds? Just send me a message.

#27 Posted by BassmanPaul (71 posts) -

Have Hammer doll. Gamertag is Bassmanpaul. PM me on here if you can first.

#28 Posted by OmegaPirate (5642 posts) -

I have one garth doll - can you get more than one doll per playthrough? 
Gamertag :-TheOmegaPirate

#29 Posted by BassmanPaul (71 posts) -
@OmegaPirate: Hey, Ill add you and we can trade. You can only get one per playthrough.
#30 Posted by OmegaPirate (5642 posts) -
@BassmanPaul said:
" @OmegaPirate: Hey, Ill add you and we can trade. You can only get one per playthrough. "
Sweet - ive got a buddy round at the mo but once he heads off ill add you up and well figure a time :)  
DO you need all the dolls in your posession at the same time? or do you just need to have had them ?!
#31 Posted by BassmanPaul (71 posts) -
@OmegaPirate: I believe you have to get all the figures in your inventory at the same time.
#32 Posted by RaisingIndiana (84 posts) -

im willing to trade a Garth and/or in-game money for a Hammer or Lucien doll.
Gamertag: RaisingIndiana

#33 Posted by OmegaPirate (5642 posts) -

Alright - update 
I Have :- Reaver, Garth, Teresa, Hero doll 
Need:_ Hammer, Lucien 
once again my  Gamertag :-TheOmegaPirate     
Dont really need to keep the dolls just after the achievement for completion sake- reliable trader - wont do a runner with your dolls (as apparently happens) - anyone require one of my dolls or have one i need?  

#34 Posted by pygy_95 (2 posts) -

I need a Garth, Lucien AND Reaver doll 
i can trade either: a red dragon, 5 million gold, or Thersea 
MSG me on XBL:- Pygy 95
#35 Posted by Alphawolfy (331 posts) -

I need Theresa, Garth, Lucien, and Reaver dolls.
 I have extra Hammer dolls that I'm willing to trade, or cash if that's what you want.
 My gamer tag is Alphawolfy.
@RaisingIndiana said:

" im willing to trade a Garth and/or in-game money for a Hammer or Lucien doll.  Gamertag: RaisingIndiana "

Hey, I'll add you and trade a Hammer doll for a Garth doll.
#36 Posted by RaisingIndiana (84 posts) -

Anyone need a Garth doll? Still need a Lucien. The last doll I need for the achievement. We could share the achievement if need.

#37 Edited by Alphawolfy (331 posts) -

I'll trade Hammer dolls or cash for Theresa and Reaver dolls. 
GT: Alphawolfy

#38 Posted by owenneil (124 posts) -

I need to see what i have (will look when i get home), but i do need some. 
#39 Edited by Alphawolfy (331 posts) -

OK, now I have all the dolls. I'm giving all except for 2 hammers and 1 garth to a friend, so PM me if you need them.

#40 Posted by Chris_1o8 (2 posts) -

I have several Hammer Dolls. I need any of the others. 
GT: Chris 1o8
#41 Posted by DrRandle (1376 posts) -

Gamertag: Panda Convoy
I have 4 of the dolls: Hammer, Garth, Hero, and Theresa. I need a Reaver doll and Lucien. If you can put a message in the friend request telling me you're from Giant Bomb that'd be appreciated.

#42 Posted by locdog77 (2 posts) -

I have Theresa dolls if anyone wants to trade.I currently only have Theresa dolls but i am wiling to buy them from anyone or trade. 
G.T.     KWM barfly jr

#43 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (6903 posts) -

I'm complete crap at the shooting range, unfortunately, so I have zero dolls.  If anyone could send dolls in my direction, I'd be happy to work something out as far as a trade (not sure how you do that, honestly, but we can nail out the details).  The help is very much appreciated.  
GT is Big Bad Sleazy

#44 Posted by adoggz (2081 posts) -

hm. i don't suppose anyone happens to have the set of dolls they'd be willing to let me borrow?

#45 Edited by skullcandysonic (2 posts) -
@Webby:  i need a garth doll / a rever doll and lucian doll if any one can help
#46 Posted by Alynablaze (83 posts) -

I can get Lucien dolls at the shooting range

Looking for Garth & Hammer

Add my GT: Alynablaze

#47 Posted by PapaMozano (9 posts) -

I've got only the Reaver Doll and I'm trying to get this achievement.

Can anyone help me out? GT: PapaMozano

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