I don't really know what I was thinking but...

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Should I be playing this and its sequel? I remember loving the first Fable so much I just had to get everything in it back when it was on the original Xbox, playing it from start to finish again and again, then when I first heard about Fable 2 I was extremely excited, but for some odd reason, as it came closer and closer to the sequels release, I gradually became less and less excited about it, making me not even think twice about not wanting it.

Fable for me was just over. It's odd because I don't have any real reason as to why I didn't want it; I just got less excited about it. Did I make a mistake, and should I play the second and third? I remember renting the original Fable more than once, just so I could play it a lot, but that was when I rented games in 2004 for free (somehow), then in 2005 I finally bought the lost chapters. I'm just telling you this for a little background I guess.

Edit - The Fable quick look got me here to find this and edit it since now that I remember this even exist. Well, actually I just wanted to add that I loved the original and I remember fondly of staying up at night to play it, and I believe it was one of the first games I've ever done that with. It was amazing. :D

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Fable 2 is alright, but you should avoid Fable 3 at all costs

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Fable 2 is pretty cool, if you have spare cash to blow on a used game go for it. Fable 3 just feels limited and a let down compared to the others. 
edit: btw fk peter molyneux.

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Fable II is really good. Fable III definitely has its faults, but I didn't think it was as bad as most people did. It just had interface issues. And the last act is pretty bad. But the story stuff was pretty cool. Good voice acting. 

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Now that I'm thinking about it, I feel kind of bad that I can't play The Witcher games since I don't have a good PC to do so anymore. I remember back when I was on GameSpot, I had a "friend" that lived in Poland, and she loved the first game, but I brushed it off like it was nothing big, so I never looked into it. Now that I realize what it is, I feel kind of bad for not giving it a chance when I could. Well, at least by the next time I get a new PC, whenever that is, I'll have a powerful enough one to do so. Hey! There's a Steller's Jay outside. See ya!

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Fable 2 & 3 were both weak imo. I'd wait for Reckoning tbh, which I think looks like a better version of Fable.

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Both game are lacking but amazing experiences.
I replayed Fable 2 a few times, there's not enough fantasy games like this.
I did prefer Fable 3's outfitting/looks over 2 and the collectable weapons was a nice touch!

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@NTM: This is what you should do.
 Read this
Tales of Albion is the official history of the events leading up to Fable 2. 
Then go here
This is the Hero of Southcliff game and it still works.
Basically you are the father (or grandfather) of the main character in Fable 2 and can unlock a few interesting items.
If those things interest you then go get Fable 2. 
Personally I loved it and I never even liked the first Fable, I absolutely hated the controls and camera.
And yes Fable 3 is garbage. It's just a cheap rip-off of the noble human storyline from Dragon Age: Origins.
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@Jimbo said:

Fable 2 & 3 were both weak imo. I'd wait for Reckoning tbh, which I think looks like a better version of Fable.

Ken Rolston acting as the executive director, R. A. Salvatore creating the game universe and lore, and Todd McFarlane working on the artwork. Yeah, it's going to better then Fable. Just go check out the gameplay vids from PAX East. 
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I, like you, really enjoyed the original Fable. I think it was mainly because I was relatively young and new to the RPG genre and it was a easy entry into this new category of gaming. But after growing up and playing games more Fable 2 felt really lacking in terms of depth compared to other games in its respective genre.

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I liked Fable 2 well enough, Fable 3 on the other hand..... think of it as a plague.... and avoid at all cost.

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